Anybody Buy Traffic Secrets 2.0?

by Dontrell Lyons 3 replies
What did you guys think of Traffic Secrets, was it worth the wait? Did it live to all the talk? I'm just curious?
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      Traffic Secrets 2.0 is one of the top products in the industry friend.
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      I'm on disk 7 of 12 now and I'm REALLY impressed by the quality of the product.
      At $400 it's stupidly cheap.
      At what I'd call the "intermediate" level of IM, I can't say a ton is new to me yet, but it's a great product nonetheless and like I said, I'm only halfway through.
      It only takes 1 idea to make it worth the price easily.
      At the very least, it's all great info easily accessible for me to reference.
      I'll buy the next thing John sells without hesitation, TS2 is a bargain like I'm not used to in IM.
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        I also own TS 2.0 that I received from John & Allen (Thanks guys!)

        I haver to say that I find it to be a great course. I am quite happy with the quality and that the whole CD set is transcribed in a big thick book

        In my opinion, the price tag is just right for such great content.
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