Warriors : Make Decisions of Ambition not Decisions based on Fear

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Hi warriors. Are you stuck in implementing a money making system or stuck in following a particular course? Here's help!

I heard a quote that I can't remember verbatim but it goes something like this "Make decisions based on ambition instead of decisions based out of fear". That's not verbatim but I'll explain.

When we buy a new course after reading a sales page we get into the action mode. we start reading the course and as soon as we read something we don't understand or read something that may seem too hard or read something that is out of our comfort zone we make the decision to quit.

The fear of failure overrides the pleasures of success. We start focusing on what is impossible for us to do or what is too hard and we convince ourselves that we can't achieve what it is that we want to achieve.

I am encouraging you all (as well as myself) to make your decisions based on Ambition. Think about what you desire in life NOT about what you fear. Keep the focus of your desires as you start your new plan. Think about what your new life will be like if you just made your first $100, $1000, $10000 or more online through the course of action laid out in front of you.

Use that to propel you to do a little more each day TOWARD your higher goals and I guarantee your life will never be the same.

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    that's some good advice. a lot of people regardless of whether or not theyre pursuing IM or not tend to second guess themselves and lose sight of their goal when theyre presented with some challenge. everyone tries to look for the easy way out and i will be the first to admit, im guilty of this sometimes.

    sometimes there is no easy solution, you just have to gut it out and know that anything you do will help you towards your goal. im more of a calculated risks kind of guy now. i trust my gut but i like to be extra sure by backing it up with facts. good stuff.
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    If it were only that easy.

    Taking action, sure, it's important, but you don't want to "do it to do it". After reading a full-blown course (perhaps a WSO) on a particular business venture, I wouldn't just start. Read more. Talk to people in the business that are successful. Read even more. Make a long-term plan. Think it over and justify each course of action.

    Then start.
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    Lots of people come up against their first few hurdles and quit. It's important to keep pushing forward even if you take a break for a while because those hurdles that seem insurmountable are really just road bumps in the rear view mirror.

    There is so much to learn about when choosing to pursue internet marketing. If you don't know something just Google it or Youtube it. 99% of the time you will find the answer there. Just keep moving forward. Make it your mantra.
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