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I am looking for the best places to sell my copywriting and article writing services

thanks so much

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    You may try,, elance .com. Also you can try here
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  • Profile picture of the author flyfox2012 and are good too.
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    I prefer with odesk .com,elance .com and right now with fiverr .com
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    It was great to know about I never knew about it.
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      "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
      ~ Zig Ziglar
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    I'm a fan of Guru, Odesk and Elance - there are similar threads to this right here on the Warrior Forum so have a little hunt around!
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    ODesk and Fiverr are my faves.
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    Odesk is top for me, I think they have the best toolset for both employer and freelancer.
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    All of the answers given above have 1 thing in common: They're hilariously wrong. Yes, even you Lance & TP.

    If you want to sell your service for way less than their worth, sell them at the places listed. I've done it, almost all of us have done it when trying to break into the wonderful world of Internet Marketing.

    The smart ones, however, soon realize that the money is so much better once you get back out into the real world again.

    The most I've ever been paid for work that I got through vWorker or WFH is $2.49 per 100 words. I've raised my prices before and didn't get a single order until I dropped them back down into the "status quo" that exists there.

    When I have gone into the offline world, I've seen my price go up exponentially for the same amount of work.

    Scott, don't waste your time or your ability marketing yourself to the lowest bidder. If you really can write, go into Craigslist and the Yellow Pages and start contacting businesses directly and offering up your services for hire that way. You'll make more money faster than you would doing it as suggested above.

    -- j

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      Guilty as charged.

      I was just adding to the list of outsourcing sites based on the thread title. And admittedly from a standpoint of someone looking to hire outsourcers rather than being a service provider.
      "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
      ~ Zig Ziglar
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    Stay away from The rate of pay is peanuts and the people that are attracted to hiring at that site are very difficult to deal with.

    My recommendation is too to some cold calling via email if you want to find clients that offer good pay and are not going to nickel and dime you like freelancer websites will do.

    Hope that helps.

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    Fiverr and the clones....clones are better as you can charge more than $5 for your work

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    Hey Scott,

    As you know, there are a number of freelancing marketplaces available that are offering quite similar differences. However, most of these websites have something unique about them that separate them from their competition. Each of them are targeting different groups of people, from what I have seen.

    When I started my freelancing career over a year ago, I made an account on oDesk. I didn't land any jobs there for a significant amount of time, when I decided to shift my focus to vWorker. I would recommend vWorker to newer employers because they are a much smaller marketplace than all of its major competition. Their employer-to-worker ratio is a lot better than most other sites, from what I have seen.

    Each project on Vworker does not get flooded with bids, which makes the chances that you will be selected much higher. I have also noticed that the quality of employers on vWorker is better than that on websites like Freelancer. They are willing to pay more for good quality work.

    Best thing about vWorker for newbies is that there is no subscription cost to any part of the website. You can post unlimited bids on projects, unlike most other websites which have limited free versions.

    The only downside to vWorker as far as I have seen is that they do not have quite enough employers for jobs to be posted on a regular basis. Unlike other websites where a refresh might be long enough to find an entire list of new projects, with vWorker, you often require patience. I think the waiting time is 100% worth it when you know payment is guaranteed and you are part of a fantastic community.

    I hope this helps

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      Hi Scott,

      I agree with JaRycu above. I would suggest you set up a simple, corporate looking blog with writing samples, and direct traffic there. Many local businesses in your area probably know they need regular content on their websites and need your help. These local guys have never heard of the outsourcing sites listed above but with the right positioning you could get them to hire YOU.

      You could also start by changing your forum signature and directing people here to visit your site.

      All the best!
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    I am looking for the best places to sell my copywriting and article writing services

    thanks so much
    I refer you elance,iwriter,WSO,Wanted to hire section of this forum and you can also search peoples who need these services.
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    I send all my outsourced projects to oDesk, so far I can't complain..
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