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I was inspired to compile this list of common acronyms found here on the warrior forum. I know for new users, all the lingo used here can get overwhelming. I remember back when I worked as an intern at a national lab in college was lost in the sea of acronyms they used. They couldn't complete a sentence without an acronym in it.

I hope the list below will help. I am sure I left out some and look forward to your input for updates!

API - Application Programming Interface
ASP - Active Server Pages
AC - Associated Content
AM - Affiliate Managers
ATF - Above The Fold

BH - Black Hat
BST - Buy, Sell, Trade
BTF - Below The Fold
BTW - By The Way

CAC- Customer Aquisition Cost
CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing Test (tell if you are a bot or human)
CJ - Commission Junction
CPA - Cost Per Action
CPC - Cost Per Click
CPO - Cost per Order
CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impresions (this one doesn't make sense to me)
eCPM - Effective Cost Per Mille(thousand)
CTC - Click to Conversion
CR - Conversion Ratio
CSS - Cascade Style Sheet
CMS - Content Management System

DNS - Domain Name System and Do Not Share
DMOZ - Directory MOZilla
DMR - Double Meta Refresh

EPC - Earnings Per Click
EPM - Earnings Per Thousand

FB - Facebook
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FYI - For Your Information

G - Google
GUI - Graphical User Interface
GH - Grey Hat
GPT - Get Paid To

HTML - HyperText Markup Language
HTTP - Hyper Text transfer Protocal
HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocal Secure

IBL - InBound Link
IM - Internet Marketing and Instant Messaging
INHO - In My Humble Opinion

JS - Java Script
JV - Joint Venture

KEI - Keyword Effectiveness Index
KW - KeyWord

LLC - Limited Liability Corporation
LSI - latent Semantic Indexing
LOL - Laughing Out Loud

MFA - Made For Adsense
MMO - Make Money Online
MRR - Master Resale Rights
MNF - Micro Niche Finder
MS - Market Samurai

NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement

OBL - Outbound Links
OS - Operating System
OTO - One Time Offer
OP - Opening Post

PHP - Hypertext Reprocessor
PLR - Private Label Rights
PM - Private Message
PP - Paypal
PPC - Pay Per Click
PPI - Pay Per Impression or Pay Per Install
PPL - Pay Per Lead
PPM - Pay Per Mille (thousand)
PPS - Pay Per Sale
PPA - Pay Per Action
PR - Page Rank
PVA - Phone Verified Account

ROI - Return On Investment
RSS - Really Simple Syndication
RPC - Revenue per Click
RR - Resale Rights

SE - Search Engine
SEP - Search Engine Position
SERP - Search Engine Results Page
SQL - Structured Query Language
SM - Social Media
SMM - Social Media Marketing
SMO - Social Media Optimization
SWF - Shockwave Flash FIle

TBS - The Best Spinner
TLD - Top Level Domain
TOS - Terms Of Service

UAW - Unique Article Wizard
URL - Universal Resource Locator(Language)
UGC - User Generated Content
UV - Unique Visitor

VCC - Virtual Credit Card
VOD - Video On Demand
VPN - Vurtual Private Network

WF - Warrior Forum
WP - Wordpress
WSO - Warrior Special Offer
WTB - Want To Buy
WTS - Want To Sell
WWW - World Wide Web
WYSIIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
WH - White Hat

XML - Extensible Markup Language

YPN - Yahoo Publisher Network

Please Let me know what else you think should be included in the list.
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    Thanks for putting all together. As I am new here this list will help me to understand everything fast.
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    what is IMHO?
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      Originally Posted by GD View Post

      what is IMHO?
      IMHO-I'm a hot oven. just kidding.

      Nice thread.
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      Originally Posted by GD View Post

      what is IMHO?
      In my honest opinion (although I did like "I'm a hot oven" per hydride's post above!)

      A few more to add to the list above:

      CTR - click through rate
      EMD - exact match domain
      PPV - pay per view
      SEO - search engine optimization
      SEM - search engine marketing
      SMS - short message service

      A few others (not specific to IM, but just FYI):

      TL;DR - Too long; didn't read
      YMMV - your mileage may vary
      If you don't face your fears, the only thing you'll ever see is what's in your comfort zone. ~Anne McClain, astronaut
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    These are the abbreviation that i have found for a long time. You have shared a good information. In SEO, there are many difficult words related to SEO. We can not understand about them.
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    amazing list!! thanks!

    I'm Buying Health Solos, please PM me if you are selling!

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    You forgot to put WFH (Warriors For Hire) in the list.

    -- j

    Posting About Life & Video Games:

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    Thanks for the post with a list of Acronyms. Two thumbs up for you my friend
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    OP can also refer to "original poster", it depends on the context.

    You don't see MDF a lot, but it does come up. It stands for Main Discussion Forum.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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      BTW, FYI, acronyms will enhance any text:

      Well I'm a WH WF member
      I ride a big G Penguin
      (He rides from WF on a big G Penguin)
      Yes I'm a WH WF member
      I ride a big G Penguin
      (He rides from WF on a big G Penguin)
      Well people LOL at me and they say
      Is that your penguin BTF
      (He rides from WF on a big G Penguin)

      OP: J/K, great list!
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    Interesting and useful. Thank you for sharing it
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    Very thoughtful of you Todd.

    A real asset, thanks
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    Thought I would update this thread with some of the common Instagram Hashtags. I know some of them but I am far from an expert at Instagram. Your input would be welcome indeed

    #TBT - is short for "Throwback Thursday

    #OOTD - means "Outfit of the Day

    #Regram - a reshare

    #WCW - "Woman Crush Wednesday" encourages Instagram users to share photos of the women they admire the most.

    #MCM - "Man Crush Monday" is just the opposite. Mondays are when you share photos of your favorite guys.

    #POTD - an acronym for Photo of the Day

    #Igers - means Instagrammers

    #GF - means "Gang Family" or "Global Family" -- a community that supports talented photographers around the world. I would have thought it meant Girlfriend ?

    #Fitspo - Fitspo photos usually show how to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

    #F4F - means "Follow for Follow" -- somebody will follow you if you follow them back.

    #L4L - Similar to F4F, L4L means somebody will Like your photo if you Like theirs.

    #S4S - A "Shoutout for Shoutout" is when you ask people to follow somebody in exchange for someone asking their fans to follow you.

    DM - an abbreviation for direct message.

    #TransformationTuesday - The fitness industry uses this popular hashtag to motivate people on Tuesdays.

    #FBF - Similar to Throwback Thursday, #FBF (Flashback Friday) is when people share old photos on Fridays.

    #SMH - Short for "shaking my head", this hashtag is used many ways.

    #FF - What began as Follow Friday, #FF is now used to tag any Instagram photos on Friday.

    #YOLO - You only live once!

    #NoFilter - This hashtag is reserved for photos produced without Instagram filters.

    #Petstagram - Use this hashtag when you post a photo of your pet.

    #Instapug - Lots of pugs fans!

    #Instapup - Puppy of course

    #GOTD - (Gram of the Day)

    I am sure I missed quite a few. I am learning to use Instagram. I find it crucial in product marketing nowadays.

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