Clickbank is discontinuing installment payments

by garyv
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Just read this from my account page:

For accounting reasons, as well as other issues, ClickBank no longer offers installment products for sale. The ClickBank order form for installment products is no longer available to customers. Any outstanding installment payments owed for products already sold are automatically processing on schedule.
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    This is bad news for me, as I like to give my cusomers diffrent payment options
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    I suppose you could use subscription or a subscription with a trial period as a substitute for installment by setting the "Duration" to say 2 or 3 months.

    I don't know if that would be against the ClickBank TOS, but I don't see any obvious restrictions.
    FAQ Recurring Billing - ClickBank

    4. Where do I specify the terms for a recurring billing subscription?

    In addition to standard product attributes, the terms related to recurring billing subscriptions are defined below.

    * Initial Price - The suggested retail price the customer pays for the initial purchase of the subscription. The minimum initial price is $4.95.
    * Rebill Price - The suggested retail price the customer pays for each subsequent payment for the duration of the subscription. The minimum rebill price is $7.95.
    * Frequency - The timeframe for which rebilling will occur (i.e. bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually). The initial frequency allowed for recurring billing is monthly.
    * Duration - The total number of times a customer is billed, including the initial payment and all rebills (i.e. 2-99).
    * Trial Period - The number of days before the second bill will occur. If a trial period is selected, the initial payment period equals the number of days selected as the trial period. The frequency selected will apply to the rest of the subscription. For example, a subscription offering a two week trial period with a duration of 65 monthly payments will have one two week trial period and 64 monthly rebills. The trial period timeframe cannot exceed 31 days.

    It's really not the best solution because you really have to be sure the customer understands the situation so they don't cancel before the term is up.

    But, they could have canceled anytime with the installment method anyway.

    If you could break up delivery of your product in to distinct pieces, then it might be a reasonable alternative. Or, offer a bonus or upgrade or a updated version if they complete all the payments. Then, if they cancel the subscription early, they loose out on the remainder of the product or the bonus or upgrade.

    And if they want the full product all together, they have to pay the full amount in one payment.
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