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Over the last two weeks I have devoured information and absorbed more than I ever thought possible! Subscribed to many lists, read many books, emails and even bought a couple of WSO's. I took everyone's advice for newbies and took action! I developed a decent squeeze page, setup aweber with appropriate emails and found the two clickbank products I think will sale well...

Now I'm stuck trying to decide the best route to market my affiliate products. Ezines and PPC seem unrealistic at this point (lack of experience). I certainly want to avoid FREE advertising. So in your opinion what is a good affiliate marketing strategy that is receptive and affordable? (as you know, I don't have a list but am working on that) Any help is much appreciated.
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    Most people will start with clickbank and JVzoo.
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    It's a breath of fresh air to hear you taking the sensible route to online marketing IMO.

    There's many ways to target leads and build that list (that's your priority, right?) I would suggest you send traffic to a lead capture page ahead of any other.

    Solo ads work very well and you can build a list quite quickly with this strategy.
    Banner ads work even better IMO. I've found the quality of leads to be much more responsive.
    Facebook ads also work extremely well and you can really specifically target the right prospects.

    If you have a little cash to play around with you should set yourself a weekly/monthly budget and test out a few different strategies. Test small until you find what works best and scale it up.

    Remember, most often people will not buy from a website on the first visit, so it's important you collect their contact info so you can follow up, follow up is crucial. To cover some costs, you can promote a low cost product on your thank you page. This is optional of course.

    The main thing is to test to see what works. You will run into problems here and there, but hey, it's expected. It's hard to learn without having mistakes to guide you.
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      Thank you! Yes my objective is to drive traffic to my squeeze page so I can develop a list. My niche is competitive so I'm trying to be sensible. You have reinforced what I thought was the best route. Solo Ads and Banner Ads. Thanks! My secondary thought was some form of JV or list rental.
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    If ezines and PPC are out of the question, and "FREE" marketing is out of the question... what kind of alternative do you think you have?

    Well... i guess you can do blog advertising, solo ads, trafficswarm (strictly for traffic), and advertising on high traffic websites (like warrior forum).
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      Should Ezines be a viable option? I'm not opposed to ezine solo ads...simply the article marketing side of them. I'm just wanting a few ideas or recommendations. I'm sure if properly executed any particular marketing strategy would yield great results. My problem is I'm a complete NOOB! So I'm looking for a conservative option that churns decent conversions.
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        The main thing you'll want to work on is building your list. You will be able to do that easily and quickly with paid solo ads.

        However, before you do that, you'll need a squeeze page with a good offer. Do you have an offer already? Before if your offer blows, then nobody will sign up to your list. Purchase a recent PLR package and offer a couple of those products if all else fails.

        Then get your squeeze page together. If you don't know how to do it, just go over to and hire it done. It'll cost you five bucks and they'll upload it to your site for you.

        Then go over to Ad swaps, sell solo and buy solo mailings at Safe-Swaps, sign up and start buying solo ads. You can usually get 100 clicks for around $30-$40. Build your list that way.

        It helps to put a OTO on your thank you page. Usually something that costs $5-$7. It'll help you recoup the cost of your solo ad.

        In the meantime, learn how to do copywriting. Otherwise your email copy will blow and nobody will open your emails. Keep in mind when you are building your list that there actual people behind those email addresses. So build a relationship with them. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

        You're not going to knock it out of the park your first time at bat. But, nobody ever hit a homerun off the ball they almost swung at either. So don't be afraid to jump in and begin. Even if you feel a little overwhelmed. Hell, we all do at times. The important thing here is to take action.

        To recap:

        Have a good offer
        Have a good converting squeeze page
        Have a OTO on your thank you page
        Buy solo ads
        Build relationship with your list

        Hope this helps.

        Happy marketing!
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          What do you mean by learn to do copyrighting?
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    There are so many methods. PPC, PPV, media buying, email blasts, etc. Depends on your budget and your goals. Hit me up to discuss: jon.mac303
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    i have always liked doing solo ads because you don`t have to jump through a kazillion hoops before you start getting traffic

    if your intention is to sell affiliate products you can build your list and then promote anything that you want

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    Awesome thread!
    Very informative.
    Thanks for sharing guys I learned a lot.
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    A secret method that I have been using to generate responsive traffic is Twitter, linked to my Face Book Fan Page. I started a campaign and within 12 hours, received 600 Twitter followers. I have even more than that now and my email box is constantly flooded with new Twitter followers.

    Those Twitter followers visit my FB Fan Page, my blog, and eventually buy my products. Hope this helps!

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