Viral Traffic (Stumble,Reddit,Digg..) Can you get any?

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Hey all,

OK, so like anybody else who's been raped by Google I am always on the lookout to get traffic and bypass those jerks when I can.

I've tried a few things but haven't had any (none at all) success, so I am wondering if it could possibly just by the niches I am trying the methods out on.

The niche I am trying out is anxiety/mental health. I just don't think anxiety is "share-able" by most people you know.

I've tried making it funny, interesting (well, more than it normally is anyway) and shocking, but I just don't get ANY love from any sites.

I've made some images with good info.

Basically, I am not just writing a boring post and submitting with a robot. I am actually putting in some effort and people just don't seem to share at all.

Has anybody else had any viral luck with "embarrassing" niches that you can speak of?

I'm beginning to think that either I suck, or I (once again) picked the wrong niche.

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