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Hi everyone,

I would like to know if anyone here uses Craigslist and there opinions on it. You have to give a phone number now to post to the USA and Canada which makes it harder to put your ads on. This is my first thread so please don't bite my head off Ha Ha!

Thank you very much.

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    Dang!!... Honestbizpro...

    Yer spekin my langwege!! lol love it....

    I haven't done much at all in Craig's... everytime I go to my Myrtle Beach list, its loaded with Ads and cons... You made me think ... what can I do to help sellers find buyers... it was like a light bulb went off... Can I pick your brain for some more ideas with craig's list?

    Myrtle Beach Metal Detecting
    For the guys that bring more than their kids toys
    Chase Beach -
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    Craigs list is a fantastic inventtion and it still works, to drive traffic, but remeber to follow thear TOS
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    Not everything works on Craigslist. Make sure you find a proven system that has result. You can check the WSO section for such systems.
    You can still make money on Craigslist, because they still get a lot of traffic and linking to them is huge.

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