PLR Store Owners, What Are Your Best Advertising Methods?

by Jinjer
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Just recently, my business partner and I opened a PLR store (the site in my signature). It's been slow going so far, but we're constantly adding new content so that we build up our inventory. For those of you with PLR stores (even those without one, I'm willing to hear from you!), how do you go about advertising your store and content? Right now, I'm mostly looking for free methods, and once there's more of a steady income, then I'd branch out into paid methods.

Currently, we make YouTube videos to help get our name out there, and we also have a blog where we announce our new packs. And, of course, we're also building a list on the site. What else should we do to get more traffic to our site?

I'm looking forward to any suggestions!
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    I would write articles that are focused on the PLR content that you're trying to sell. I also saw someone sell PLR packs on Ebay! They had 17 sales that I saw in the buyer history so it works!

    Need a reliable professional article writer? Hire me for a trial of $3/article Get Your Trial Offer Now!

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    @mjrehaume Thanks for your reply. That's an interesting suggestion about eBay. I'll have to look into that.
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      Hi Angela,
      I have also recently started a PLR store. I have found two interesting things about the PLR market. Firstly, you have try and build relationships with your customers and other PLR sellers as it will help your business immensely. Secondly fellow PLR sellers are your best friends and most of them will be willing to work together with you as it would be beneficial both for your and their business. I would suggest connect with other PLR sellers on Twitter and Google Plus and also leave comments on their blogs. This will help build relationship which will give the much needed impulse to your new PLR business. All the Best!
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    @sidcandid Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely look into building relationships with other PLR sellers.
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    I agree with Sid, PLR is complementary, not competitive. Building relationships with other PLR sellers is essential. If you haven't yet, consider implementing an affiliate program for your PLR to encourage others to sell it, and build an affiliate only email list to keep them notified of new releases to promote. Try holding an affiliate contest as well.
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    I would suggest using articles, It works for me.
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    Hi Angela!

    Welcome aboard. Ditto to all the above. You have to have relationships with your list and with other PLRers. I'll take this opportunity to invite you over to a 30-day Productivity Challenge hosted by Ruth Pound, a respected an proven PLR marketer. We just started and are on Day 3. Here challenge is here: The Internet Dream | Location Independent Business Tips This is free. May be a good way for you to interface with some PLRers at every level.

    Best, Kater
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    @Amy Harrop @kieranlavelle @2ndopkate Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely keep those in mind and look into them.
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