Buy/Sell Ads Rejected...What Now?

by Wade32
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Well after my recent post of buying some ad spots on BuySell Ads, I decided to sign up as a publisher and sell some ad spots from my "Make Money Blogging" site in my sig link.

Since most of my traffic every month comes from social media, around 5,000 people, and my organic traffic is only around 1,000, and after other referring sites get thrown into the mix like this one, there is another 500-1,000 people per month.

That's around 7,000 unique people per month. I even saw another site on BuySell Ads that only got 5,000 visits per month!!

Sadly, I got rejected. They did say that there was an exception to the rule. However, I am just trying to sell some text link ads for $10 a month and maybe a large rectangle spot for $50...any other suggestions as to how I could advertise for this?

My traffic is faithful. These stats are solid every month, and some months it even grows, but since I don't have 50K visitors per month, I got rejected. I know that anyone who purchases an ad from my site would benefit from it because of my readers are so good to click on things and discover other blogs or sites.

However, I just don't know of any other way to promote them except on my site...any suggestions?
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