UK Domains Advice?

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If I want to afford myself maximum protection on my domain names, and if I want to secure uk domain names for a uk company, should I be registering them with UK domain registrars?

I am setting up an offline business and have bought some domain names with Godaddy. Speaking with a fellow "offliner" he seemed concerned that i had registered my domain names with an American company, and suggested I move them to a UK registrar immediately. Can anyone offer any advice on this?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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    I would personally use a UK registrar yes.


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      It makes no difference what so ever. All UK domains are actually issued by Nominet, who have an excellent domain management website (you'll get an activation code in the post in a few weeks) if you should ever have a dispute with your registrar.

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        Okay. That sounds great. Thank you for the replies.
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