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hi folks, i cold called an accountant this morning and he wants me to help him with his website, he said another developer made him a custom wp website but now the pages wont format correctly, something about the CSS not being right?

if you fix the CSS will it fix on all pages or does it need to be fixed on each page? i just want to figure out how to quote him...

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    If it's an external CSS file then it will effect all of the pages I believe.

    Maybe you should wait until someone more experienced answers though.
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      Originally Posted by WFs View Post

      If it's an external CSS file then it will effect all of the pages I believe.
      That is correct.
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    It depends.

    If the external CSS file styles generic HTML elements (such as H1 or P) then all pages will be affected. But if it is styling individually named id and class tags then those will have to be used site wide for each page to be styled.

    If any individual page has its own style section within its header, only that page will be affected by it.

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    You have to take a close look at the website and find out how it was made. And Yes an external CSS file will affect all the pages.
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    ok guys thanks will discuss in detail with my web designer.
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    And I would give him the "either/or" quote.
    Either it's easy (single .css file) that controls all formatting. I'll do that for xxx.xx :
    It's rough. And the CSS is controlled either inline or some other dynamic generation.
    My Advice though:

    If you take on a paying client, and do not have the professional skill or knowledge required to do the job, IMO you are heading for a bad experience for not just the client, but YOURSELF as well. I do mean this respectfully and to hopefully save you some headache. If it LOOKS like a minor problem to you, then maybe you can just fix it with some google help and common sense. But you have to realize that without proper analysis, this could be one of those types of problems that goes deeper than you thought.
    I wish you luck, either way.

    edit: just realized you mentioned you would discuss with your web designer. Sorry I misunderstood initially
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