Need an investor for your new business idea? Here's where to get one...

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Here is a cool new website offering entrepreneurs the chance to raise up to £150,000 to launch a new business.

Assuming that the entire amount is raised all the funds goes directly to the start-up, except for 7,5% which is taken by Seedrs as their commission.

If you have a great business idea, (online of offline), and just lack the cash to get it off the ground this could be an easy way for you to connect with investors.

Seedrs - Invest In Startups

They take care of all the paperwork and legal hassles connected with having a large number of investors and let you focus on launching your new business.

It's risky for the investors of course, but to me this seems like a great way to do "crowd funding". I am sure that I won't be able to stop myself from investing in some new start-ups!

Note: You can only raise money there if you have, (or is at least are willing to set-up), a UK company for the new business.
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    Is it for Americans too?
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      Originally Posted by WFs View Post

      Is it for Americans too?
      Yes, I think long as you willing to set-up a UK company for the new business. So it might not be suitable for something like a local restaurant in the US, but for an online business I can't see why it wouldn't work for an American.

      Here is what they say on the site:

      Can I seek capital through Seedrs for any type of startup?

      Not entirely. A wide range of startups can seek capital through Seedrs, including both high-growth, technology-driven ventures along with more traditional businesses like retail stores, restaurants and professional services firms. However, we do impose two limitations: the startup must be UK-registered (or, if not yet incorporated, willing to register in the UK), and it must be pre-revenue.

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