Did Your Website Make The Map Of The Internet?

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Some awesome guys from Russia have made this fully zoomable cool looking map of the internet.

Each website is like a star in space, and the more traffic and popularity it has the bigger the dot.

You've got to check it out, it's pretty cool. I found some of my sites in it, are any of yours on the map of the internet?

Internet Map

It reminds me a lot of how those outer space galaxy maps look.

Here's a description from their about page:

"Each site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by the number of visitors to the site: more hits means a larger circle. Transitions of users between sites creates "connections": the stronger the connection, the more sites "want" to be close to each other on the map."
The little blue button is the search button, so you can quickly see if any of your sites got in.

If you're interested in how this was done, here is the original Reddit thread where I found this:

Map of the Internet: scrollable and zoomable model showing relative sizes and interrelationships of websites : technology

Now since this is the money making section of the forum, to keep this thread on topic, let me propose a discussion:

Do you guys think something like this would do well as a money making website?

I'm thinking a niche focused "map" like this one, where each dot could be a clickable link. It would be a great a novel way for visitors to discover new websites without having to go to a boring old search engine.

You could monetize with ads and affiliate related offers, even build up an email list.

I think the site would go viral in the niche, and become quite popular.

Please discuss...
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    Dude...that's gotta be one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. It's amazing how things that I'm not even linked to anymore still show up in close proximity to my site.

    Awesome find!

    -- j

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    God, this is sweet.
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    I think you have a great idea there!

    How would a person put all that info together though? It would have to be sorta like a search engine of sorts.

    Going to be a pretty technical thing to do, but if you can get it together I think you will have a winner.

    Try doing a collaboration with a fellow Warrior or two that can program and do the tech stuff.

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  • Profile picture of the author GR Marketing
    I don't know about the technicality behind it, but it could be done by hand I know for sure.

    Albeit, it would take ages for someone to compile all the data on a single niche.

    I'd just use Google, Open Directory Project, and other sources to find all the websites I could related to that niche.

    Then once you have that list, you'd have to run it through Alexa or Quantcast to get all the traffic data.

    The hardest part would be figuring out the relationships between sites, to make sure you clustered them correctly.

    The methodology and theory PDFs on how these guys actually pulled this off are found in the original Reddit thread. However they are way over my head.

    More than likely, I'd just skip this part and randomly distribute them through the space so the map looks cool.

    The relationship thing wouldn't be too important anyways, since all the sites are in the same niche.
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      Originally Posted by GR Marketing View Post


      The relationship thing wouldn't be too important anyways, since all the sites are in the same niche.
      I think the relationships between the sites would be relevant.

      It would show which sites are authority sites in the particular niche, with good info and rankings.

      It would be good if a person could indicate which sites post original content and products and which are resellers and post spun and curated info.

      I think we are progressing into the realms of Google on the tech side with this though.

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        This is pretty neat. thanks

        Nice web design also, if flows pretty smooth for all that information that's being displayed and is changing with zooming in and out.
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