Building An Authority Site? How To Save $200,000,000

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Digg was once one of the hottest sites on the web. It recently sold for a fraction of its value of only a few years ago. Here's what you can learn from the debacle:

Digg Loses Nearly 0 Million, 5 Lessons for WordPress Bloggers
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    Hey Joe,

    There's a lot of truth being said in this article. I don't care what business your in the the costumer has got to come first. If you give them a great user experience than you will be rewarded by those same costumers.

    Losing 200 million like that I can only imagine what that would feel like. I know how I get about 20 or 30 dollars let alone that massive amount.
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    interesting article, Diggs founder should of sold it when Google gave them that offer!!!

    $200 mil vs $ about losses.

    Let's see if Groupon will regret not taking Googles offer? lol.

    - Ahmad
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      People just see the money and forget that the customer IS the money, and that their experience with a company or service is what will bring them back or make them stay away.

      Listen to your customers and give them what they are asking for and you will always have an income. Don't listen to them and you will lose your business!

      $200 mil vs $500k............... That must be hurting real bad!

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    Excellent article and excellent lessons too.

    As for Digg, in my opinion they were the victims of the ever changing taste of the ''hard to please or entertain?'' online social community.
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    Ouch......they rode the wave till it crashed.
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    Amazing article, really. This is what I've been preaching thus far to many of the small business owners that I have spoken with when they begin asking me about SEO and Social Media. However, the concept still has not caught on because of the sheer volume of information online that tells them that it's all a numbers game, and a very precise science.

    Online and Social Marketing is Art! Sure there's some science mixed in, but all that does is make the art THAT much more interesting to study and exhibit.


    Founder & Web Strategist at Grae Web Strategies

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