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Hey I'm new to internet marketing and I need help driving people to my squeeze page so I can build a list. I have a blog as well. Any suggestions?
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    it really depends on what you have more of

    time or money

    if you have more money then try some paid traffic methods such as ppc, solo ads, facebook ads, banner ads

    if you have more time than money then start creating plenty of content and post regular on your blog

    create lots of articles, guest post, create videos, blog comments, forums to name a few

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    Hi kmfischman,

    This place gets a ton of traffic..

    So you could start by adding a signature link
    to your profile..

    Then by making quality posts in the forum,
    people will see your link some will click
    through to your squeeze page..

    Once you get good, regular traffic..

    Test and tweak your squeeze page
    to find what variation of it converts the best..

    Then plug it in to paid traffic..

    All the best..
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    Here are some options:-
    PPC, solo ads, banner ads, Adwords
    Article Marketing, forum posting, (relevant) blog posting, social media marketing (facebook, twitter etc)

    Email me with your content writing needs at awriter4@gmail.comDescramble this word " LPIEKC" and use it as your subject line to earn a 10% discount on your order with me

    Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.~ Walt Disney.
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      I have found that Social Bookmarking can be an efficient way of SEO improvements and traffic increments.
      Backlinks, SEO Reports, and Wiki .edu .gov links services starting from $15.00
      Buy SEO Service
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    Hiya kmfischman,

    There are many ways you can drive traffic to you squeeze page, some examples are:

    - Solo ads
    - PPC - Yahoo, Bing, Google etc. but be careful, PPC can be very costly if you don't know how to do it properly!
    - Forum exposure - You could have your website in your signature!
    - Facebook ads - Once again, you must learn how to do this properly otherwise it can become fairly expensive!
    - Make a Facebook page - Comment on popular groups, but don't SPAM. Add congruent comments, doing so will let people know you're not an annoying spammer!
    - Post on YouTube - The traffic is already there! All you have to do is create videos that people will want to search for

    These are only a few! I hope this helps.

    Rob Jones
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    Sometimes Craiglist can be effective.
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    just use
    my blog traffic no 1 is google no 2 is stumbleupon
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    Build High PR backlinks, article marketing...etc.
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    Best tips to drive traffic.,
    1.Extensive Keyword Research 2.Original and Optimized Content 3.Web Page Optimization 4.Article Syndication 5.Social Bookmarking.

    Be lOyAl

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    I believe that article marketing does a great deal in getting links and traffic to your site. One characteristic of such articles is the presence of a so-called "bio box" at the end of the article. Such a section contains information about the author of the article, and about his business. These articles also include a link that can lead possible visitors back to the original Web site.
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    Finding the effective keywords of your niche and good relevant informative content is first step. Secondly on page seo for your site. Third off page, you can't make it in overnight this some time take more than a month.
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    On page seo

    Im under the impression as well that paid traffic seems to be the best way to start off your online business , would others agree ?
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    Originally Posted by kmfischman View Post

    Hey I'm new to internet marketing and I need help driving people to my squeeze page so I can build a list. I have a blog as well. Any suggestions?
    For driving people to squeeze page, you must have to submit your links on high PR forum & blog, do bookmarking and submit your articles on article sites. This techniques will definitely help you on driving traffic.

    For Ethical SEO Services, Visit :

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    Depends on your website niche. The easy explanation is its based on trial and error. Sooner or later you are bound to find out what works for you in relation to your site niche. However, that can take a long time and a lot of work. For example any person designing a markating, IT or web design site site like this are perfect for trafic. More unique website concepts may take a lot more initiative to figure out a good source for website traffic.
    Eastern Odyssey | The Definitive Guide to Asia
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    All sorts of things. If you have money use solos ads. Banner ads. Forum posting. There are so many ways that you can drive traffic. I like paid because I don't really like to spend hours on SEO.
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    Here I have shared a link where you can learn more about driving traffic.

    click here
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