Introduction - What would you do if you were me?

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Thought I would get active on this site as I have a heard lot of good things about this site. It is all very encouraging.

Relatively new to this. I have been working on Mechanical Turk. Not entirely happy with the pay. Ideally I am seeking to derive an income working on articles or writing reviews. I am very open to new ideas. I am a native English speaker and would like to use this to my advantage.

Looking to interact with other article marketers and learn more about it in general.

Suggestions welcomed.
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    Well, I recommend you get into becoming a freelancer. I mean don`t leave your job until you can live on the pay your making from freelancing but get started right away!
    You do copy writing, blog commenting, ghost writing, and even start blogging.

    A great way to get started would be getting a blog of a niche and work on writing content for it.

    You can put ads on it and earn from that, or even get people to pay you to put ads on your blog.
    There are a lot of different things you can do with freelancing and earning money online best thing to do is to get started!
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    Thanks for the feedback. Deriving income from advertisements has been one of my goals. Freelancing is the way to go.
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      I tried mechanical turk in the beginning but I just couldn't bring myself to spending hours making very little. I found phone jobs and other online jobs. You can try Lionbridge or Leapforce I think their pay is pretty good for online but downside is you get paid monthly.
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    My question to you is...

    "What are your hobbies and strengths?"

    Use and abuse them - there's no point working on something that either doesn't interest you or you aren't actually good. With that in mind, you might try something and fail in it, potentially failing miserably, which can actually be a good thing, since at least you've learned what's not right for you.
    English Speaking Writers - 400 word, 100% original articles for $6. Larger projects undertaken
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    If you've a good writing ability, frankly there are so many options you can consider.

    Off the top of my head...

    1) Freelance writing.
    2) Product creation (thereafter selling it online)
    3) Affiliate marketing (writing articles/reviews for affiliate products, and making money for yourself)
    4) Become a copywriter.
    5) ... and more...

    Question is: What is your goal?

    By first having a goal in mind, I think it's then much easier for you to decide which new idea(s) to adopt.


    When I first learned about article marketing many years ago, I wrote articles that brought in tens, hundreds, and even thousands of dollars with EACH article.

    If and when you have the fortune of experiencing something like that, you wonder why you ever spent your precious time writing articles for others for a few bucks, when you can be making so much more with your skill, and your (once again, very precious) time.
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