Robert Anthony's Know How to Be Rich Aff program?

by David
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Back in 2005 my Dad bought Dr Robert Anthony's "Know How to Be Rich".
We signed up for the affiliate program for it as well.
Back then the affiliate program for KHBR was run by an English outfit, if memory serves they used to call themselves

apparently those folks are no longer managing the aff program for KHBR

I want to sell it again, I found someone else selling it but they are not answering emails or returning phone calls.

does any one know if KHBR is available as an aff program?

did the people selling it now buy the exclusive rights to sell it and forgot to
remove the 'sign up to be an affiliate' link?
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    Heya David

    I think you have to be a member of his new site. I seem to recall it being an invitation-only/members-only affiliate program.

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