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I have had my website for almost a year now with no sale. Can someone give me an honest review of my site. Thanks
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    give me the link to your website.
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    Good morning Karabon! Here are my impressions. When you read them, keep in mind that I'm a jaded IM'er who's also been a salesman for 15 years.

    The site's a little plain and dated looking to me. I'd try to find a more updated theme, and I'd also move the sidebar to the right side of the screen.

    The text on the page is fairly well written, but I can still tell that it's not done by a native English speaker, and it appears that your target viewer is native English speakers.

    It also comes across very "sales-y" to me. You're over-using exclamation marks in titles and there are too many obvious affiliate links on the page. Try installed Pretty Link (free plugin through WordPress) so that you can at least mask them; that will also help with your internal SEO.

    Outside of that, it's a pretty good first attempt. Add a few graphics, a custom header, and change that theme. Let us know when you've updated it.

    -- j

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      Thank you. I would certainly like to change the theme. Any affordable themes or themes services. Any advise on how to go about doing that. I am also trying to refine my niche and keywords.

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    Ok.. Well how many unique views do you get daily?
    What SEO have you done?
    Have you done any social marketing?
    Where are your backlinks coming from?
    Is this unique content?
    Are you even trying to rank for keywords? All your titles seem generic.

    Initially looking at your website, it is very ugly. There is no navigation and your ad placement is terrible. You have no logo or even a header. Overall your site is very confusing, I don't know what to click! It doesn't even look like you are building a list on the site.

    Good Luck
    Kyle Murphy
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    Originally Posted by karabon View Post

    I have had my website for almost a year now with no sale. Can someone give me an honest review of my site. Thanks
    There is a lot wrong with your site. First, it doesn't look like you have targeted the right keywords. Did you do any keyword research at all? If you don't target the right keywords, you are not going to get any traffic. I also don't like the theme. You also have too much stuff going down the left side of your blog.

    Everything looks crowded and messy. Also, your font looks small to me. What size is it in? I don't mean to be rude, but I personally think that you just need to start all over again. You are missing some of the core concepts for succeeding with affiliate marketing. You need some training.

    Good luck,
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    Is the link the one on your sig?
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    Yes the structure of it just turned me off. Good information but maybe presented in a different atmosphere.

    Also the normal internet viewer views a web page top to right to bottom. So yes the sidebar should be on the right and the first thing in the sidebar should be an opt in form and at the bottom of the sidebar also. Give a report away for free.

    I am not an expert at this but know what I like and what works for me, I would use less on each page with more quality visuals. Did you know people will read the text below a video or picture before the actual text on the page.
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    Too much content on the home page. You want your homepage to be straight and to the point; this is what we do and this is how our services can benefit you.

    Also, you don't have any eye-grabbing graphics. The homepage is pretty plain. And why all the ads on the left side? No one wants to be sold. I recommend removing all of those ads. It looks real bad.

    However, all these things can be fixed fairly easily. Just do some tweaking and you'll be all good. Good luck.
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    I have changed the theme in for my website. Can I get another honest review and opinion.
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    With no sales over a year why don't you change up you're style a bit like I am trying to?
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      karabon, what kind of traffic are you getting? Are you monitoring your incoming traffic to know where they came from?

      I pasted your site url into google, and it looks like only one article is indexed, this one "3 ways to make money online without spending money"

      Another suggestion, since you are writing in first person, put a picture of yourself, or stock photo into your introduction, and tell a personal story. Rags to riches is best, but don't overdo it.
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    Originally Posted by karabon View Post

    I have had my website for almost a year now with no sale. Can someone give me an honest review of my site. Thanks
    Well, you said honest so... let's kick that sh..

    Website looks 2007... maybe 2009... whatever, that's minor issue right now.

    But... if I was you I would consider changing entire idea for this website.

    It's obvious... you are not successful marketer, home based business owner or coach (nor am I...).

    So there is no reason to pretend you are one of theme.

    Much better way for you is to create review site. Just review all existing programs and products and be yourself. Yeah... I know.... there are 1000's of those sites already...

    but... no one said you can't be next one and better then your competition.

    Keep posting EVERYDAY... AT LEAST 3 post each day. Take care of your FB, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles... be active and you will get attention you deserve.

    Yep... that's all

    Do what you want to do!
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    I'm not going to go into a lot of details because I don't have the time. What I will say is, you're not making sales because you give your visitors no compelling reason to even keep reading, let alone buy anything. I suggest you find a good copywriter and get yourself a professional sales page up there. Good luck.
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    Why is everyone trying to blog about blogging? There's too much competition out there. I mean, competition is good, it proves that the market is also pretty big, but then if you want to stick with that niche you have to develop your own UVP.
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    Originally Posted by karabon View Post

    I have had my website for almost a year now with no sale. Can someone give me an honest review of my site. Thanks
    I'm just going to throw some ideas around.

    The IM niche is not a niche to start out in. Most people learn IM from the IM niche. So it is natural for that person to try a business in the IM niche. I think trying to sell Internet Marking is the hardest to sell. I think it is way to competitive. Keywords are harder to find. Your copy has to be better then the next.

    Find a niche that people want but the competition is low. Something that is going to stay in our future. I went with Alternative Energy. Its a niche that is going to blow up as the world is being forced to apply in this field. I have great intrest in this niche, so I'm more then happy to research on it and apply it to my site.

    As for you not getting a sale. What traffic sources are you using? I could take just one source of traffic and make a sale. Very targeted traffic is all you need. Find that person that is looking for your product. Sell that product to them.

    The look of your website is not that bad. Its better then mine. A theme is just a theme. You dont need a, OMG look at that site and now lets read it. The main part of your site is the copy, the writing on what your visitors are reading. Telling them who you are, what do you have, and where to go. Depending on how you pick your keywords and how you engage them in your writing, that person will go through your site and might buy something.

    I hope this helps.
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