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If you were to e-mail a specific niche company about your product or service that they might possibly need. For instance, going to their website and e-mailing them through the contact form? I don't see how it would be different than calling from Yellowpages or even direct marketing. Does anybody know or can clarify for me?

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    So you're talking B2B?

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    What is your goal exactly? What are you selling to the B2B?
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      Originally Posted by bizoppmaster View Post

      What is your goal exactly? What are you selling to the B2B?
      Hi Bizoppmaster

      My goal is to get new clients for our Lead Generation and Appointment setting service. I'm looking for other ways to market that I think would be effective.
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    I get emails through my contact form all the time. I do read them if it's interesting or solves a problem I need help with. It's not spam as they are asking to be emailed through their contact form.

    Just be sure to address their problem or need on the first sentence so they keep reading. I delete these emails pretty quick if they don't get to the point immediately.
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    It's not spam when you offer a comany your services or products as long as they are related to the companies business. That is a business contact.

    If on the other hand, you are promoting something that has nothing to do with the business in question, then I think that would fall into the spam category.

    If you use common sense and limit the number of emails to a reasonable amount, I don't think you will have any problems.

    Don't send email to their personal email addresses though!
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    enjoyed this post it cleared up a few things for me concerning the spam issue.
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    No, it's not SPAM, not according to the Can-spam act, from what I can tell from what you're saying.

    Especially if you are doing it manually. People have different opinions of what spam is and the term is used very loosely. Some people use it to describe emails they get from a list they subscribed to when they get them too frequently, etc.

    But the legal definition of spam is pretty clear. So I think you will probably be ok as it sounds legit, what you're doing. Nothing wrong with approaching another business regarding a possible business relationship via email.
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    No contacting a business via an email form is similar to cold-calling. However, if they ask that you no longer contact them and you continue to do so unsolicited I believe that can be considered spam.

    I get a crap-ton of email through my contact form. Sometimes it's valuable, other times its broken English emails offering some sort of junk SEO service. I usually label those as SPAM in my email program so that I don't have to filter through legit customers contacting me.

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    No way that's not Spam..
    I am doing it all the time. But! it's B2B, not any company, it's a company that has been looking for me for a long time. Like, "where have I been all this time! "- That's how you B2B.. Right, now I am looking for providers of blog comments, fb likes,youtube views, etc. All I do, is a fast google of lets say comment providers, go to the first 5, just like you are doing, hit them up via email. So for me my rate is about 2/3rds, email me back and ask how and where to sign up. But, you may do better, it's all in how and what you say about what you offer.
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    Nah it's not spam. There are better ways to promote your service though. Are you sending out "copy and paste" emails when you're emailing potential clients?

    You should join their list, comment on their blog, email them with question, and get to know them first so that they can get familiar with you, and see that you know a thing or 2 about marketing. This way you can get them more than likely to become a client for your services.
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    b2b not spam

    Helping businesses sell more online

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    I agree with theparn B2B is not spam.
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    That doesn't sound like spam. Spam usually means sending out unwanted emails to a list of subscribers who don't want to be there.
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    All internet marketers can be considered "Spammers" in some form of another. Weather it's email, comment, or building links. They all can be considered spamming. So I wouldn't worry about being labeled a spammer..

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    I think you'd have more success just calling them. Just my opinion.
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