Is it unethical to edit a testimonial?

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Hi guys,
I've recently been receiving a couple of solicited testimonials for my design services from my past clients. I've earlier contacted them and asked them to send me their feedback as I need some good ones for my website. There's one that really stood out that I want featured on my home page. The problem is, it's got some grammatical errors. Is it all right to correct them or should I publish it as is? Wouldn't that be less convincing?

Your input will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    I think it's better to edit slightly for professional reasons.... There's nothing wrong editing it...
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    when I give a testimonial I usually reply that the
    person may edit it.
    I would say that you should have no problem
    with a simple edit.

    Something new soon.

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    I don't think it's unethical to correct those grammar mistakes.

    But now, if you are going to change it and make it sound different than intended, than there's a problem.

    A while ago, I wrote a testimonial for a designer.

    In the testimonial, I was referring to her as a "HE"

    She simply contacted me and of course I told her that she can change that.

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    Excellent Points and great info,

    As an experienced editor, usually you offer an opportunity for the reviewer to see what you have changed, at least that is how it works in the book publishing, it is a give and take process, testimonials are a little different, when writing for newspapers often there is a statement that some editing might occur, (often does)

    I have written for newspapers, magazines, and other publications, I like to see editing drafts, however that is a different situation, since reviews, testimonials are usually short so not much editing would be needed besides some obvious grammar or perhaps a spelling error.

    I dont see a problem with that, showing an edited draft would be a good effort to avoid a potential issue.

    I know I have had it out with a few newspaper editors that changed the meaning of what I wrote, were talking yelling, spittle, red faces, then later drinks at the bar... It all works out in the end.
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