Make money selling Facebook fan pages?

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Just started talking to this individual, he is 20 years old and makes 30k a month selling Facebook fan pages. He builds them up to 10,000+ likes and then sells them for $30,000...supposedly a Facebook like is worth around $3-$118...any thoughts on this?
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    I think he is lying to you....
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      Originally Posted by wolfmmiii View Post

      I think he is lying to you....
      I think so too, I'm trying to get more info from to see...I just don't see how it's possible honestly, but hey who knows...
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    Yeah he's lying.
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    10,000 likes in $30,000! That is something I can not even imagine! If I got such buyer, I were a millionaire! This is something too much to believe.

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    10k likes in $30000 :p ha ha
    he must be joking who will give this much amount. and who know ho he get 10k likes may be by like exchange site so they are not real. even you can get Easily 10K likes ( Real and interested in you fanpage topic) in less than $3000 :p from facebook advertising.
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    A 10,000 Fans page for $30k may be A good deal if it is full of some High Ticket I.M. Product's Buyers of some Product worth $1000-$5000.If it is so,I am up for the Deal
    Sell Dreams, Not Products
    - Steve Jobs
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