Deceptive Advertising Practises/Methods

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What is the most deceptive advertising method you have come across (specific examples), either online or offline? And what do you think when you encounter one of them?

Most recently, these are the few I have come across, and they are very annoying:

  • Car Dealerships advertising online: One of the most common 'deceptive' techniques is when you visit a site that organizes cars by "price", deceptive companies will either advertise the "lease" rate or just the "money down" rate in an attempt to get a car. I.e., when looking at cars, say in the $5000-$6000 range, I came across a "2007 BMW" -- advertised for $6,000.
  • Services/Rental Companies: One particular 'big' name company advertises "(Up to<-in tiny, tiny letters) 75% off!". If you actually go in to find out the details, it is 75% off your first months rent -- providing you pay for 12 months in advance. So in essence, is is a "6.25%" savings, not a "75%" savings. No where close.
  • Cell Phone Companies: The popular trend has been to "lock" people into contracts with discounts, or you have to "pay" it back. So for example, cell phone companies will be misleading and "offer" say a 15% discount on your services, providing you lock into a two year term. If you "cancel" before the two year term, then you have to "pay back" any discount you got for the previous months. So lets say your bill was $100/month, with 15% off = $85. If you went for 18 months, but then cancelled, the cell phone company would expect you to "pay back" your discount, in other words, $15*18= and early $270 "termination" fee.
What do you guys think of this underhanded, unethical advertising techniques? And what have you come across?
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    The CPA offers that say: Get {something} free, just give us your name and email... then... to complete your offer and get your free {something} just complete 2 of these offers...which cost money and of which they get a commission... but it never ends, you can not seem to get to the point of getting the free thing. The offers are endless.

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    The most deceptive practice has been around for a while, and it appears online and offline.

    It's commonly referred to as lying.


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