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by Baruch
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Hello everyone, first let me say over the past months I have being getting my feet and hands wet in affiliate marketing. This is my new creation but I don't know if I should promote it or not.

Please give honest comments on my website because I really want to make this work.

Thanks for all your time

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    You aren't quite clear to me if you didn't put in a link to your affiliate website, or if you meant for us to go to .com/freewebhosting/
    If it is the second option then the top portion can get you by, and the animation banner is terrific -- while everything below the big blue bar needs a different font and a different layout. It just flat looks sloppy the way you have it.
    It wouldn't hurt to ask a close friend to find the typos on the page for you too. I know it's getting to where half the people don't care if you can't read or write, but they won't care if you get it right either, while those that do care will care if you get it wrong.

    When you strive for greatness you will find that having a professional collaborator at your side can turn all the fuzzy preaching into writing that is smooth as silk and right as rain.

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