How to get traffic to a site hit with the PENGUIN!!

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My site gets very little traffic now a days I have little money to invest for paid traffic so where can I find cheap paid traffic?
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    cheap and traffic should never be in the same sentence!

    you have a low budget, maybe its best you focus on fresh content and manual SEO
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    Originally Posted by essex14 View Post

    My site gets very little traffic now a days I have little money to invest for paid traffic so where can I find cheap paid traffic?
    Maybe previous thread here will help!

    Don't worry be happy!

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    First make sure your onpage optimization is okay, then make sure your contents are unique. Now you can start offpage optimization with guest posting, blog commenting, Q&A sites, forum posting with your sig and some other.
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    buying traffic won't help you so try to fix your sites problem to get your rankings back.
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    The updates to the search engines are in order to enable them to get them best possible result to the user.That only means Google is looking for some genuine stuff in order to rank a website and an important addition is weightage to social signals.May be you should read their blog on updates.It will help you plan your campaign. If you can manage the marketing stuff, you can do it yourself. Just make sure you have unique and worthy content.
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    Social media marketing is your next move. Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and even Google+ all have millions of people who can become your visitors.
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      Increase your social media marketing. I dont think buying traffic will help, you need to focus on getting long term return website users.
      Eastern Odyssey | The Definitive Guide to Asia
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    I think you must go for a quality contents and should also update your old posts which are having less contents or not having quality contents.
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    about "cheap traffic", I highly recommend you to only buy traffic related to targeted traffic .DOn't buy dimesale type of traffic, like 10cent a visit website that can send you 10k traffic. it didn't convert at all in my experience. I will stick with SEO n ppc surely.
    Cheap means: affordable and it converts into profit.

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    You can use social media to generate traffic to your site. Its free and works!
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    Social media is the way to go in this situation, though you can always use adwords and get $0.01 per click
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    Google ranks websites according to an algorithm very few people know a lot about. I don't think there are more than a handful of people in the entire world who can claim to know a lot about the inner workings of that algorithm.

    Google lives of the popularity of their search engine. That means they have to make sure it stays popular. That means giving searchers what they want.

    For some reason your site got hit by the penguin. It seems it no longer represented what Google feels their searchers want. If you want your site to rank in Google you need to find out what Google believes their searchers want. And then give it to them (in terms of content, SEO and SMO).
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    most of search engine rankings are changed with last two updates
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    There are plenty of ways to generate traffic without spending a single cent. All you need is to spend more time promoting your website. How?

    1. Upload related articles online.
    2. Upload related audios to iTunes.
    3. Upload related videos on Youtube (2nd largest search engine after Google).

    And, remember to include the link of your website into all the files you upload.

    Stay persistent!
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