$630 on my second WSO ever - Here's How!

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Hey Warriors,

I thought I'd first take a second to brag.

I've made over $600 on the second WSO I ever posted.

I think that's pretty good!

Now, onto the real stuff.

How did I do this?

This is on a $10 WSO that has been up since the end of February. It's been bumped four times, which totals $80 in investment. Altogether it took me less than 8 hours to put together, which includes the sales letter.

1. Take your time with your sales letter
I don't know about you, but when I'm writing copy for myself, I tend to rush things. For some reason I work differently on my own copy than for clients.

I throw up a mediocre headline, with poor copy that doesn't convert that well.

This time however, I took my time. I thought about the process.

What problem is this solving?
How does it benefit the buyer?
What can the buyer expect to happen after they read my product?
What bonus's can I offer?

In any WSO, those are important questions to ask.

In theory, you could simply answer those questions in your post and still make a few sales. As I'm sure you know though, pumping some of that vital emotion into your words will make it sell much better.

2. I created a list that grabs attention
I love creating lists for WSO's. I think it's my favorite part.

If you look at virtually all of mine, I use an image for my list. This way I can use a nifty icon in front of each list item. Because nobody else is doing this, it grabs attention and practically forces you to read it.

If the points you are making are very strongly worded, you've practically got the sale right there.

3. Offer compelling bonus's
I like to use classic marketing books as bonus's. There are a great number of them from before the copyrighting era that you can use for free.

Because they are such classics, if it's has anything to do with your product or service, give it away. Create a PDF and brand it with your links and logo and hand it to everyone who buys your product.

I also like to offer a few surprise bonus's in the back-end.

After the reader buys, they are presented with normally 1-3 bonus's that were never mentioned in the copy.

Why not mention them? Because everyone likes surprises!

It takes an hour to put together a top-notch 5 page report. So why not create three or four of them and give them away with every product you sell?

You'll end up with loyal customers who will buy from you over and over because they know you are always going to give them FAR more than they paid for.

4. Use a graphic BUY NOW button
If you can use Photoshop or a comparable software, always create graphics for your buy now buttons. This has been one of my staples and I won't be changing anytime soon.

I usually create a big rounded rectangle with the words, "BUY NOW" inside and a big flashy arrow pointing to it.

This seems to work really well for me, and I think it would for you as well.

5. Take the readers right to a payment page
This one is more of a personal opinion than anything, but I hate reading through a WSO, getting sold on it in the thread, and having to navigate through a second page after clicking the buy button.

I always always always take my readers directly to the payment page. This way once they're sold on the product, they don't really have time to change their mind. Once they're sold, they're sold.

Next time you're putting together a WSO, take the time to read through this list and you should see a great response.

If you ever want a critique on your sales page, feel free to shoot me a PM and as soon as I get time, I'll look it over and give you some pointers!

Thanks so much for everything Warriors!
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