Music in silent tutorial videos - Yay or Nay?

by OmarK
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In my new WSO that I'm going to launch soon, I've included a number of tutorial videos that's designed to help people that are completely new to photoshop.

I know that a lot of marketers are used to tutorials being voiced over, but problem is I don't have access to a high quality microphone and my accent is pretty incomprehensible most of the time according to most people I know, so even if I do bother using voice-over in my tutorial videos, I can imagine a lot of people will be put off.

It's a given that I won't be able to do that, so what I've decided to do instead is implement detailed captions and annotations throughout the videos to replace my voice, because this also has its obvious advantages if you think about it. I've also decided to include some quiet background music in the videos, as I thought this would compliment the tutorials and also help fill the 'audio gap'.

Now I'm concerned that some people may not appreciate that and may end up getting distracted. So question is: should I keep the quiet music or take it out completely? Or do you think I should maybe add a notice to inform people to mute the video if they think they might get distracted?

-Omar K
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    As long as it isn't really technical music, just easy listening, I prefer music for silent tutorials. You could also hire someone on fiverr to do voice overs if they're not to long.
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    I'd highly recommend including voice overs for any video tutorials. If you don't want to do it yourself then I would hire someone to do it for you. But if you would rather go without the voice then I would include music. Worst case scenario people can just mute it.
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    The music should not be distracting, but it also needs to match the pace and mood of your video tutorials. It can be very tricky to get it just right, but I believe some music is better than complete silence.

    All the best,

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    Music can make or break a video and and there are so many different opinions on it so if you DO use music...chose wisely.
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    I think I'll put away the idea of hiring a voice actor (should I call them voice actors?) for now, until I have a sturdier budget.
    Although maybe if my WSO does really well, I probably will get a voice actor to voice over my videos then re-upload them as updates to people who already bought the WSO.

    Thanks for all the info!
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    This works pretty well...30 day free trial, then only $9.90 to buy:

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    I prefer no music. You cant know what kind of music I like and generally websites get it wrong! Sometimes silence truly is golden.

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      I prefer no music, but an inobtrusive track at a low volume is not horrible.


      My biggest hates from DIY'ers are:

      1. Too many "uhs", and "you know's" and the word "Dude". Prepare a script or at least talking points to follow. Use an editor to clean up the dialog track. Long pauses show you're unprepared.

      2. Losing your place or fumbling to find the right screen or program. Lay it out ahead of time and be prepared. Use a program like Camstasia.

      3. Doesn't need to be the voice of a pro, but make it clear. NEVER use the mike on the camera, unless it will be less than 18" from your mouth. Use a simple USB headset mike if you don't have/can't get a decent yet cheap lavalier plugged into the camera. Even radio Shack has a cheapo that sounds better than the cam mike. Do a test and listen for echoes. If so, hang a blanket near you. Turn off the TV in the next room.

      4. If using anything like props or people on camera, use some lighting. I've seen many projects suck badly because the shadows and lack of light were so distracting. One of the best cheapo lights is a clip-on scissors work light with a large softlight in it. The ones with the white shroud and a soft light produce an amazing light, about $6 at Home Depot. Looks a bit like the collar you put around a dog's head to keep him from scratching.

      Got $170 for lights? Try Steve Kaeser Photographic Lighting
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    You should add voice, i have seen allot of complaints on youtube tutorial videos that don't have voice. And also, not everyone likes the same music, so often times you get people complaining on the type of music because it is not their style. So this is a double negative. Hope that helps.
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    Silent tutorial videos are the worst. Explain what you're doing and if your voice sucks or whatever then get someone else to explain but please please don't do silent tutorial videos.

    People that are trying to learn something need the "How" and the "Why". A silent tutorial only delivers the "How" and does a pretty poor job at that in the first place.
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  • If you don't want to add voice, have you considered adding text at the bottom of the videos that explain what people are looking at? And Nics (above) is right by the way... silent tutorial videos ARE the worst!
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    By 'text' used in the videos, I meant clear, detailed captions used throughout the entirety of all the videos that both explain what I'm doing and why. They also explain all the steps they need to take in very close detail and explain how to do them. Think of the captions as what I would have said using my voice except they are in text form, and I think they do a much better job in terms of clarity and teaching than if I had used my voice instead (in my opinion at least).

    Thanks for all the advice though!
    "Try not to become a man of success, but rather to become a man of value."
    -Albert Einstein
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    I always use music. It just makes the video more complete and professional. Personally, I am totally bored by silent videos and I never watch them. For that, there are Powerpoint presentations!

    Marketing video producer, SEO specialist, positive thinker.

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      I agree with inserate - music is the way to go in silent videos.

      .. just imagine those old silent movies - without the piano!!

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