If You Had To Teach A Complete Newbie To Make $100+/month....

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Looking for some advice...

I know a bit about Internet marketing. I do not
do a lot of affiliate marketing, but I have before
and put together a site that still gets traffic
after putting only a few hours into it.

So here's my dilema:

My wife may be losing her main source of income
She is a stay at home mom and takes care
of a neighbor's infant for cash. The mom may
be putting the kid back in preschool.

I'm really busy in my marketing efforts, but she
will obviously have some more time freeing up
in the near future.

So I want to teach her to do some affiliate

Biggest problem will be finding something she
can do and feel good with, but what I'm wanting
to know from all of you is this:

If you had to teach a newbie how to start
generating $100+/month (and trust me, $100
would just be a start to replace what she'd
be losing), what would you have them start
out with?

I have my idea...but I still consider myself
fairly green behind the ears with affiliate. I'm
curious to know what you all would have them

Remember, this is someone with 0 IM experience.

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    Hi Brent! If it wasn't so important for her to begin making money immediately, affiliate marketing would be a good way to go. But since it sounds like you may need something a bit more reliable/fast paying, why not focus more on a service to start with? Can your wife write decently or provide any other service that could be done online?

    You can still certainly teach her affiliate marketing and build it up gradually, but if you want to start bringing in money quickly I don't think I'd go that route. Not that it can't be done quickly, just that sometimes it's a crapshoot and I'd hate to see you waste time and not receive the commissions you need fast enough!

    That's my 2 cents anyway, hope it helps!

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    I'm still new to affiliate marketing myself so I don't have any words of wisdom there but what about her getting an at home job? She could start with an at home job like customer service work taking calls for major companies and with the funds coming in then also learn about internet marketing.

    Good luck!
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    I would personally find a product that she would be good at and get her to build her own niche business. Tell her what you have learned and find something that she could focus on.

    When my hubby decided he wanted to join me in the IM business a couple of years ago instead of getting him doing something like this he had just left working as a chef so he created a wonderful food and drink website and was pretty impressive for someone that knew very little about the business.

    Now he knows practically as much as me and we are very much joint owners of our business and that suits us perfectly.

    Or what about your wife helping you doing the blog posts for you writing articles, press releases etc and building up the business you already have and this could seriously improve your business.
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    The easiest and cheap method I can think of is:

    - Sign up to clickbank.com
    - Find a product the floats your boat (you must have an interest in it)
    - Buy the product using your own affiliate id (hoplink), you'll get a big discount
    - Write a 700 word review about the product.
    - write 2-4 articles based around the product genre
    - create a squidoo account
    - place your product review as the first article, then place the other articles below.
    - Add the squidoo modules - youtube and amazon to your profile
    - find some related youtube videos and amazon books to promote.
    - Now, simply social bookmark & ping your squidoo page.
    - If you can afford if you can even drive Adwords traffic to it.

    Now, just sit back, and make money from your affiliate product, Adsense on your squidoo lens & commission from the amazon book.

    If you pic the right product you will easily make $100 a month

    Good luck
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    Thanks all for the responses.

    The only problem with being locked into a
    home job type situation is the fact that we
    have two kids of our own (3 years and almost
    2) and another on the way. Being locked
    into anything that would involved interfacing
    with people (i.e. customer service) might
    not be a good idea.

    I like the Squidoo idea. I purchased Niche
    Marketing On Crack about a year ago and
    used a very similar method. I put a few hours
    into the site and made 2 sales and still
    get traffic (and clickthroughs to the
    affiliate link but conversions are low...due
    to the product).

    I'll ask her about services (i.e. ghost
    writing, submissions, etc) she might
    be interested in as well.

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    I hear your situation! I've been trying to make money online for months now! My blog outlines my story - maybe it can help you?

    It's hard to make fast money online, as the earlier posts point out it can be done - but I was always told to treat this as a business and take your time. Sorry man, hope that helps a little.
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