Would solo ads work in this kind of niche?

by Donimo
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So basically I have created a pretty good quality product which targets the parenting niche, and more specifically, those who have problems with children wetting the bed. The product is about how to prevent children from wetting bed and how they can get over the embarrassment.

However, do you think that using solo ads in the parenting niche of subscribers would be targeted enough to actually get potential buyers? Or for this kind of product would I need to target those specifically who are actually in the hunt for a solution to bed wetting problems?

Would I be wasting my money paying for solo ads for this kind of product?
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    Ask Paul Nicholls or Dann Vicker, they are both very respected warriors on Solo's IMO.

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    Many parents would certainly be in that first group you mentioned. Why not do a solo ad for a short time and see how it works. If it doesn't seem to be converting well you could then go and try your second more highly targetted group.
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    What percentage of kids wet the bed? That's the question you need to ask. If that number is high enough you're bound to get some hits in the "generic" parenting market.
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    i would certainly go ahead and buy a few solo`s off of some parent sites and test it and see how it performs

    as long as theres a market for your product, you should do fine

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