What is the conversion rate of your squeeze page

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What is the conversion rate of your best conversion rate? I'm trying to do some research on the squeeze page so I'm interested in the conversion rates that you guys get (just so i can see what kind of conversion rate i can expect).

Thanks in advance,

Your numbers don't have to be exact, just an average estimate (we wouldn't want your competition to get ahead of you, would we )
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  • Hi Godfather!

    There's just one problem with putting together this kind of research, from our perspective.

    The kind of conversion rates people are going to give you will be based on a ton of different variables, from the strength of their niche... to the strength of their keywords... to the way they're directing traffic there... to the strength of their call to action.

    There's no guarantee you'll be able to reproduce those rates -- or anything like those rates -- unless you're doing the exact same things.
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    I agree with above.

    Your demographic in non-IM space is going to be completely different then people who say visit the WF. Plus, where your marketing too is going to play a factor.

    Having said that, my squeeze page in the IM space is getting around 3:1.
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    Hey Godfather

    My squeeze page conversions vary drastically.

    In one market, when I'm doing a big push and have partners mailing for me, I convert at about 92%.

    In that same market, ads, articles, etc. convert in the 10-15% range.

    In another market, my squeeze pages convert about 30%.

    But I'm constantly testing and tweaking to improve my opt-in rates, so there's no way for me to say what "average" is.
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    I have many different squeeze pages, all with different conversion rates.
    They range from 15% - 80% signups.

    However, what I would say is that 15%-30% is respectable.
    Lower than 15%, you need to do work on your landing page.
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    wow, this turned out better then i hoped for, thanks for the share guys.

    I understand that the result in conversions depend on a lot of variables, I'm just asking to see how often do people sign up. I'm about to launch my first project and I'm wondering how well will it pay off. I don't have a good start up capital to use with ad words so that i couldn't care and that i could just keep trowing money at it until i succeed at it...

    oh and spires, thanks for the heads up on the 15% thing, it will come useful as a guideline in my future endeavors. basically I'm just trying to use this info to calculate my optimal budget and to see how much money i can make with that budget so that i can see my net profit, so that i can invest even more in this business... I'm just doing my homework


    Perception is reality

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    I'd like to add a note...

    Be sure your really tapped into the right market. You can get a 100% opt-in rate, but if you're marketing to people who don't spend money, it's a moot point.

    Do careful tracking to be sure your marketing dollars are generating revenue - opt-ins are vital, of course, but profit is your guiding factor.
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    Right now, I'm getting right at 40% with the page in my sig (created by Marketing Makeover Generator).

    Thinking about swapping out the audio for a video to see if that bumps things up a bit.
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    i totally agree,

    But I'm counting that the people that don't spend money will soon unsubscribe from the list, as I'll be sending sales letters 2 or 3 times a week or month (depending on how fast i write them) i want to test them asap and start making money as soon as i can...


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    well i was gonna set up a blog that will publish unique articles on the niche topics so I'll build trust, the squeeze page will be an addition that will only promote a free e-book and over-deliver in the content that I'll send to my subscripted "fans", but occasionally I'll try and fit in a sales letter, it won't be all about sales letters...


    Perception is reality

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    I've done squeeze pages in the
    fitness, weight loss, and dating

    I would say my average is 40%
    with paid traffic from Google

    Try and do the eben pagan style
    quiz page if you're having trouble
    with people not opting in to what
    you already have.

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