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I am looking for the best freelance sites on the internet. Places where I can freelance and where I can find freelancers to do work for me.

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    oDesk and Elance.
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  • Profile picture of the author Josh Fulfer is ok too now that they've bought out
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    Definitely Odesk..
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    I just collected all my outsourcing data in imhelpz dot com. Problem with any freelancing sites is , we need to spend a lot of time in weeding out the crap. It cost money too. There are real gems and I know one of my friend who gets his article written for $1/500 words. But if you search it online , we won't find those.
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    The 4 best options:

    1 -
    2 -
    3 -
    4 -
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    oDesk, Elance, Freelancer and for small jobs sometimes Fiverr or other Fiverr clones.
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    and Warrior Forum
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    Elance and odesk.
    please check your PM. to get the detail.
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    I have hired before from Odesk and Freelancer, but I wasn't impressed with contractors from Freelancer since after giving them the job, they subcontracted again to other freelancers at a fraction of the cost, and I ended up getting a bogus work, at the moment am using Odesk and am happy with their hourly timer.
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      I would suggest that you use either oDesk, Elance or Freelancer - if you have a really small job you could always use Fiverr.
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    I have worked with Odesk and Freelancer dot com and find them quite well
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    wow I've never even heard of some of the sites you guys listed. Thanks
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    You can employ freelancer at elance.

    I used it most of the time.
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    odesk is still the best
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    elance is the cheapest. The contractors there are willing to go low to get work done.

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    I use both, elance and odesk...
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    I like oDesk the best because of their user interface. Additionally as a freelance writer I need a withdrawal method that charges me as little as possible. They currently do direct transfers to my bank for a flat fee of $1.99 which works for me.

    Also there was a security risk with my account there recently, the procedures in place to remove the threat and secure my account were very effective.

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    Same here... based on my experience , I highly recommend Odesk.
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    Odesk works good for us.
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      According to me oDesk is the best Freelancing site Online Outsourcing market.
      As a Freelancer I Suggest you to start your freelancing work at oDesk, Elance, People Per Hour and Fiverr is nice freelancing site.

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        Originally Posted by image2all View Post

        According to me oDesk is the best Freelancing site Online Outsourcing market.
        As a Freelancer I Suggest you to start your freelancing work at oDesk, Elance, People Per Hour and Fiverr is nice freelancing site.
        Hey, why did you wake up with a 2 years old thread?
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    I have tried most of them, both as a paid member and as a free one. works best. It converts. If you have a portfolio and a good bid, it is impossible not to get at least a few options when using your 60 bids. Pure statistics. Also, the good thing about is that there are a lot of corporate managers trying to hire there. They are not interested in price as they are interested in delivering results, in a timely and effective manner. Of course you'll also find people who want to hire for $5/hour but you can simply ignore them.

    An interesting pattern on Elance and every other freelancing site is that most jobs never actually close. I think 5 out of 10 jobs never finalize by hiring someone. This is sometimes because of the budget (they are looking for a very cheap option) but it is also because circumstances change. This is why using a pre-made bid is a good tactic, instead of applying individually to every post.

    And as a second point, ironically, corporate type of clients are the least demanding on your time. They want quality work done, don't get this wrong. But they will not try to waste your time in order to see "if you are the right fit".

    I have an oDesk account but only for managing my VA. I've never tried to work there. Their system is sound, oDesk is virtually Elance now (they've joined forces, oDesk bought Elance) but they are still different systems. oDesk is like the low cost version of Elance. For cheap work, it is a good place to go. For talent, go to Elance., the owners of Warrior Forum are not that good. The reason why I'm saying this is because I've tried it, as a paid member and the expectations of the people there were completely unrealistic, for the price they were willing to pay. Plus, I've had a very unfortunate experience.

    I've had a client, outside of who hired me for a LinkedIn resume. She awarded me the project but in the meantime, we've decided to focus on something else, far more effective. She canceled the project but my balance on is -$27.99. Even if I haven't received any money, Freelancer still took their 8% or so. It's been this way for a long time.

    People By Hour is for UK, Australia and New Zeeland. A lot of corporate type of clients but apart a few interesting leads, it never had lead to something. works as a smaller version of It would come second in my list but everything you can find there, you can also find on Elance.

    That's about it. Good luck.
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