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hi warriors
now i have a squeeze page and i haven't any money to invest what is the best way to build my list quickly ?
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    It's gonna take some time to build.
    From my experience, it's either a quick paid method,
    or a slow free method.

    It depends what you are promoting.

    Post a link to your squeeze page on relevant free ad sites like:
    craigslist, backpage, inetgiant, classifiedsgiant.

    Another way is to get a free blog and start blogging!

    The bottom line is that you do something.

    You can get flyers for whatever you are promoting
    and post them around town. . .

    That's all I got for now. .
    -hope this helped.
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    Try finding good plr product relivant to the kind of list you want to build.
    setup facebook page,twitter,g+
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    I don't suggest Flyers for this case. Flyers can be effective for the business that are well established.
    I think sharing your site in different forums and also in Face book twitter and others will help you to gather subscribers.
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    You could also try Facebook fan pages and yahoo answers because there are numerous visitors and it's FREE.
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    I'd go with tier one content networks and cheap search if you can. The quality will be extremely high.

    "Talk is cheap, results aren't."
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    I think a more appropriate question in your case would be: now I have a squeeze page and I want to build a business, but I don't have any money, so what methods can I use to build a profitable list in time?

    If you want to build a list quickly, you'll need traffic and since you don't have money to invest in ppc/soloads/banners etc., it will take you time.

    One thing you can do to expedite the process though is this: get your list to the 500 subs mark, then join a few of the more well known ad-swaps networks and start doing adswaps.

    It will be harder in the beginning to get adswap partners because of the low number of subs on your list, but eventually you'll get to a few thousands.

    When you get to about 3,000 subs you can start selling solo-ads if your list is responsive and thus reinvesting the profits into paid methods.

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    Blogged gets my second vote...


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      use various free traffic sources.
      Use social networking sites:Facebook and twitter are the great source for traffic.make a fan page related to your squeeze page niche and build fans.Then drive your fans to squeeze page.Tweet your squeeze page link to your twitter followers.
      Use forums effectively. join on forums related to your niche and take active participation on the forum.Put your squeeze page link to your forum signature.
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