Should You Go To The Doctor Or Just Take A Break?

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I played all over Minnesota in a band for 9 years and as a guitar player
(right handed) not once had I ever experienced pain in my left (fretting)

After being in the marketing/SEO world for a couple years now my left
hand (and sometimes right) has really been hurting lately. But it's a
weird kind of hurt.

You know each bone that goes through your hand from each of your
fingers and into your wrist? The middle of my left hand where my ring
finger goes through really hurts sometimes when I type a lot or push
off of it (like when doing a push up).

It sounds like perhaps I need to start outsourcing more work!

Do you tend to stick with the same "guy/gal" for your outsourcing work
or do you use someone different every time?

If you tend to "jump around" and use someone different each time, then why?

If you haven't outsourced anything yet, then why haven't you?

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    I went through a phase like this. My hands were hurting - maybe not the exact same problem. I now have a couple of employees that I talk to on the phone, and give them tasks. It saves me a good deal of typing. I also do some stretches for my fingers and wrists, and see both a masseuse and chiropractor regularly.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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