ClickBank Fixed On An Accident

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Many months ago I posted news of losing all my talewins products on ClickBank while in the hospital. Many people posted helpful advice, but I never received one bit of contact or explanation from ClickBank.
A few days ago I suddenly made a sale through ClickBank.
Today I noticed the price was funny. Checking deeper it got even stranger because my talewins account was still in the process of being approved -- after months of trying.
The third time I came to ClickBank today I accidentally checked into my OTHER ClickBank account, the one that is not a vendor account. All of my products and the links to them have been shifted to the second account and somehow have been approved as if it were a vendor account. Furthermore all my new information (new address, etc.) has been applied to this second account. The only difference was quite strange.. where talewins had been offering 75% commission the second account was offering 57% commission.
If you have two accounts at ClickBank I would definitely advise you to check both of them out thoroughly for accuracy.
Meanwhile, I am still getting heavy hits to the talewins step plate by other sellers. These people have not made any money in ten months, but they are still sending traffic my way. Probably the reason for this is those ads are out where the owners can't get them changed, much the same way thousands of my ads can't be changed.
Please, if you have ads going to talewins products at ClickBank, try to stop as many as you can. How To Buy Land At Tax Sales, Be Your Own Banker should be your biggest sellers for talewins. And if I have made books for you selling my products, please get hold of me and I will make those books over again, free of charge.
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