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I'm listing a site on Flippa and I'm running into a problem...

Under site viability it says this:
Google PageRank 1
Alexa Rank 972,314
Links in Google 1
Inbound Links 21,877

Everything seems right except the links in Google. I know I have far more than 1 link in Google.

In Webmaster Tools it says this:
Links to Your Site
Total links

So...my question is, why is this info entered wrong (I assume it pulled from my analytics when I gave it permission to get stats). How can I get it fixed.

Thanks for any help.

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    Flippa have no access to the webmaster tools I think, may be they are using like "link:your domain", search for this in google!

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    Unfortunately Flippa doesn't always give 100% accurate stats for your site. It happens.
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    Hi Michael -- send me your listing URL via private message and I'll have a look. Sometimes the links show up when we recollect site stats, which administrators can do.
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