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So I am relatively new at selling digital products online. What is the best way to monetize digital information online? Clickbank (do people really make that much money on CB)? Affiliates? Selling it myself? Through Amazon? Or just give the content away for traffic to a site and make money in advertising?
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    The best vehicle to sell an eBook is the Ford F-150. Just slap a magnet across the sides with the URL to your book and drive around a busy city. You're golden.

    Of course, if your prospects are more rural than urban, you can do the same, but you'll have to do a lot more driving to get noticed. That's why it's especially important to determine your audience before completing your book, so you can decide on the optimal marketing method ahead of time and also to make sure you will have the means and ability to reach that specific audience.

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    A WSO for starters, than hopefully your product sells so you attract affiliates.
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      I am a newbie.

      May I ask what is WSO ?

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    If your site ranks high, then there is more money to make in advertising for sure.
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    clickbank will be good for you...there are lot's of products to promote and commission is also high.
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    Depending on what the topic is, I would look into publishing it on kindle. There you get a larger percentage of the profit and it doesn't cost much to get it up there.
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      If it's your own product I would sell it on warriorforum through If it's not your own product I would roll with e I would also create some affiliate offers there if you have multiple products.

      other neat ideas
      approve anyone that wants to work with you as an affiliate on warrior forum. just something i've noticed all gurus do.

      answer questions promptly and make sure the links are all working.
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    It really depends on the topic of your ebook. CB is great for all topics, but depending on the product there are other alternatives. If it is an ebook related to IM, I would go with WF. Hope it helps.
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    If the subject matter is IM, then I agree that a WSO may be a good avenue. If it is something else, then I would recommend Kindle and Smashwords, the latter in particular. They handle distribution to just about every other eBook network. However, you will need to do your own marketing and promotion.

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    I have used this with good success...


    Sorry, don't have necessary number of posts yet for links.

    Kindle is an absolute must.
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    I agree it dose depend on subject matter. Also remember that if you have your own site that you can advertise it there. A lot of people overlook this.
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    You can do all of this things... but start with Kindle first!


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    create a sales page and sign up with clickbank as vendor,
    you can also sell it on the busy forums
    you can make real money
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  • Well, in this matter, I would really not recommend a specific site because it depends on the type or quality of the digital information you offer. A common model, however, is to stick your products with the most credible and relevant hosts you can find. Hosts like websites, people, etc.

    Selling it yourself is also viable but you would have to be someone with above average to extra ordinary sales and conversational skills.
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    The best vehicle for selling information products online is an optin email list that you can a relationship with. You build it using different traffic methods to squeeze page, then offering your eBook that your subscribers.
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