How to Bring Very Old Site Back to Page 1

by Mmfh
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Hey there,

I have a site that used to sit at first position and do fairly well with a book I had written. That was a few years ago before major health problems, now looking its on Page 13.

I know that Google is probably seeing this as old not now relevant content, and has put it way back because of it. I still like the content and all that I've done on the site. What would be the best way to get this back active in the grand eyes of Google once again??

I want to get into IM again, now that health is improving.

Your help is very much Appreciated!

Thank You!
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    Try updating the site more frequently. This will show Google that the site is still active and relevant.
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    To be honest, I've found it very difficult to revive sites like that.

    If it's all the way on page 13, it's probably a better idea to start over with a new domain.

    Otherwise update all the pages with more content, UPDATE is important. Then roll out new content every day with a press release and social links + contextual but natural.
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    If the domain name is the same age as the site then all you need to do is start building links to it. Google rewards your site just because of age too. So keeping content on it is important.
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      Don't start with a new site. That would be silly. I have a site I haven't updated in six months, and it still has #1 rankings in Google. Before that, I hadn't updated it in a couple years. Still had #1 rankings in Google.

      Age is good.

      Just start updating it again with quality content and you'll be fine. Focus on providing quality information to your site visitors.

      The rankings will come naturally after that.

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    old school is still best - honest content, keyword density 1.5-2 percent, etc. Update, yes, daily for one to two weeks, after that you can back down to whatever is comfortable. Biggest change is rather than count on RSS (altho it still works) or social bookmarking (still works, but slow and now second-rank tool), create and hold a twitter account. Twitter IS the fastest update available, and automatically forces a page search within a day or less. Other channel? do a twp-minute "slide show" video from your material and post it on YouTube; again, keywords. You'll be back on top fairly quickly, And yes, age matters; just having it go past a year usually adds one number to your pagerank.

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    Add well written, highly unique and informative content and publish regularly...

    Unbeknownst to most...that will bring any site back from anything...just FYI...

    Basically, just make Google look good for serving your site in search results and they will reward you handsomely...
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