I want to sell this site on flippa... How much could it go for?

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Hey guys i just built a new website
I also built super backlinks from high PR sites

Was wondering what you guys think
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    Can you give us a link?
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    There is absolutely no information here that could help someone value a site. Revenue? Traffic? Opt ins? Link?
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    There's a little bit of information we need to know.

    How much is the Gross Revenue and Net Profit?

    What kind of keywords is this website ranking for?

    How long has this website been ranking for these keywords?

    What type of monetization is on the website?

    Does the website name violate any trademarks?

    The more information you give us the more we can help you
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    Originally Posted by christiancash View Post

    Hey guys i just built a new website
    He's shared everything you need to value it right here.
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    Andy's almost right, we also need to know the niche and then judging by how much other new websites go for on Flippa we'll be able to come up with an estimation price.
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    New site. No revenue. No traffic. Worth about what all the new sites with no revenue and traffic are worth. Sites with revenue and traffic go like hotcakes on Flippa.
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  • How do you expect us to give you any meaningful feedback if you shared no info whatsoever about your site? :rolleyes:
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