Is there any web hosting not abide by the DMCA?

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Hi my friends,
Is there any web hosting that not abide by the DMCA?
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    DMCA is a US copyright law; try a host outside of US jursidiction
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    If the host is outside of the US, then unfortunately a DMCA has no effect. We run into this problem a lot with our company.
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      Originally Posted by DMCAPROS View Post

      If the host is outside of the US, then unfortunately a DMCA has no effect.
      I'm slightly surprised to see you saying this, DMCAPROS.

      Perhaps I've just been lucky, but I've actually had quite a lot of success with hosting companies outside the US by sending them standard DMCA notices by email.

      My experience is limited to dealing with hosts of webmasters who have stolen my content without my link(s), and not replied to an initial email, but it seems to me that most "mainstream, orthodox" hosts are only too happy to ensure the removal of stolen content from their servers. They do have their image to protect, I suppose, and perhaps some of them don't want to acquire a reputation for hosting stolen content?

      Similarly, the "CAN-SPAM" act is US law (I think?), but the reality is that many autoresponder companies elsewhere in the world are also going to uphold it, insist in their fine print that their clients do the same, and take action against those who don't. Not quite the same thing, of course - and they perhaps have more reason to, but the effect seems broadly similar?
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    Why? Are you looking to host illegal/stolen content? This is kind of an odd question.

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    Personlly i have a real hatred for illigal sites after being a develop for the past 6 months and well an ever more hatred towards the advertisers that help them. Mainly its not down to what they do, but more how its an easy source of fast web money and profit instead of putting the hard work in like everyone else. Its just the internet version of drug dealing or prostitution. Some of these sites bring in $1,000 per month, if not more just through advertising, however, if you are a UK or US citizen expect to get a heavy prison time if go through with a website like this.

    Now taking into account that you did ask this question here, clearly you have no idea about SEO or Web design. If you did a five second Google search, i am sure you will find what you want. Most are located in Cuba, but, i am not going to help you thats for you to find out. Plus i would learn some web design first, because if you start an illigal content site you could also brake the freeware and most software laws in order to create the site.
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