What is the easiest way to earn $1,000-$2,000 consistently per month?

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I am trying to make money online as i study for a degree. Which are the most effective ways to make money online for you? (Multiple answers per submission allowed)
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    MLM works too. I have done this in the past and was able to get my income over $20k per month. But NONE of it was done online. I don't think internet MLM is the way to go unless you have a product to sell to the suckers who think it works
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    Probably Adsense and there are numerous ways to go about it. One big authority site or dozens or more little niche sites. I went with the one big authority site and it's still building up but has made almost 400 a month and it's only a couple months old. I am thinking about doing another one or maybe doing more small niche ones as well to get the income up but it's not hard to earn 1,000-2,000 per month with Adsense.
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    In today's IM world, I'd hang my neck on LISTBUILDING. Sorry but when done right, building a list is simply gold.

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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      I've made a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing/ CPA Marketing so it gets my vote, when you do it this way>>>
      In today's IM world, I'd hang my neck on LISTBUILDING. Sorry but when done right, building a list is simply gold
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    Personally I've tried it all before, I found affiliate/CPA was the easiest for me.

    That being said, it doesn't mean it will be easy for you, there's so many different methods you might have to go through before you finally find one that's "easy".
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    Start selling on eBay or Amazon or both!
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      I second this as it is a sure way to build steady income. It likely won't make you rich, but slow and steady seems to be what you are looking for right now.

      Originally Posted by paulie123 View Post

      Start selling on eBay or Amazon or both!
      Crazy Cheap Hosting Get Hosting for less than $2 per month + Free Domain Name Registration. Get Free SEO, Blogging and Internet Marketing Tips from the Solo Blogger.
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    Affiliate marketing when done right. Find yourself a good niche.
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    I vote for affliate marketing, it's easy to get $1,000-$2,000 if you find high paying product
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    Originally Posted by DesmondTan View Post

    I am trying to make money online as i study for a degree. Which are the most effective ways to make money online for you? (Multiple answers per submission allowed)
    I would recommend that you start a niche blog and do affiliate marketing. It's a great way to generate residual income. It will also allow you to build a list quite easily because a number of people who visit your blog via search will automatically sign up to your list without you having to do much of anything. Two streams of income for the price of one. It's also important to note that blogging is something that you can do on your own schedule.

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    I make money on affiliate marketing, but the profit is very unstable..

    If you could create a WSO every month with something you are a specialist in then you could easily make good money. When I say specialist you just need to know more than most of the users in that specific area. Just don't make a hyped sales letter promising to much
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    There is no easy way. There is the easy and hard way and then there is the hard and easy way.

    Easy and Hard way:

    If you are trying to make money easily, then you are going to follow current trends and try various techniques and methods that people sell on WSOs and through other info products. But soon the path will become hard because these methods are not long lasting. Whatever you learned will not add to your experience because they are not long term strategies. Here's where the hard part comes in - may be after 6 months or 1 year your techniques will become obsolete and you will need to find new methods.

    The whole problem lies in the wrong focus: Instead of creating value, you focus on generating revenue for yourself.

    The Hard and Easy way

    Create value. Focus on helping other people.

    Then you will come up with your own techniques and strategies to increase/leverage your value creation.

    For example you can identify a niche where people are no getting enough info or guidance. Now to create value you can do a lot of things.

    - Setup an authority blog and write useful and thought provoking content
    - Do guest posts on other blogs in your niche and get some quality links
    - Be active on social media. Connect with your audience. Integrate social media in your blog.
    - Create a small report or ebook with awesome content and give away in your blog for their email address. Build a list!!
    - You can also create a squeeze page and then drive people to that page via article marketing and video marketing.
    - Split test and optimize for maximum conversion. Both optins in the blog as well as a squeeze page.
    - Read people's comments and emails. Understand their needs. Talk with them on the phone. Be genuinely interested in HELPING THEM.
    - Create an info product for them. FOR THEM, first. To generate revenue for yourself, second.
    - Improve your product with feedback.
    - Now you can leverage the whole game. Affiliate will sell your product if your reach out to affiliates. In the mean time your list will grow faster because even if sales are not generated from affiliates, you can build a list for free from their traffic.
    - Now you can even publish a Kindle book as a front end and generate leads for your business.
    - Make more money by selling ads on your blog and promoting affiliate products through banners and email marketing.

    That's how you build momentum and make money on the internet easily... through the hard way. There is nothing easier than this.

    Now you are on your way to $10,000 per month.

    Hope it helps.
    Digital Marketing Author | Speaker | Consultant

    Read my Blog: DigitalDeepak.com

    @ Bangalore, India.
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    If you're a total newbie, anything over $1000 in a month is going to be fairly hard at first.
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    I ticked selling information products because that's what most of my focus is on these days.

    In fact, if I were to start from scratch again and were to choose a business model to pursue, I would probably dive into product creation. I find it much exciting than normal affiliate marketing and the money-making potential is huge in the product creation space and I'm not talking about WSOs only.
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      Originally Posted by Trevor View Post

      I ticked selling information products because that's what most of my focus is on these days.

      In fact, if I were to start from scratch again and were to choose a business model to pursue, I would probably dive into product creation. I find it much exciting than normal affiliate marketing and the money-making potential is huge in the product creation space and I'm not talking about WSOs only.
      Information Products gets my vote!

      Trevor I couldn't agree more. I have been focusing on information products for several years now and have had really good success. The one thing I like about information products is once created you can package it in many different ways and formats.
      The product doesn't have to be anything amazing just good quality "how to" information. Take something you know well and write a manual, guide, or book on how to do it.
      Once you have created your first product you will come up with more!
      Good Luck!
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    The options 2 and 3 are pretty much the same but I picked option 2. if you have an authority site selling hundreds of products, $1000/month is just a fraction. You can make that amount in just a day or 2....but of course is no easy at first.... There's nothing easy.

    Moderator's Note: You're only allowed to put your own products or sites in your signature.

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  • Copywriting is a pretty easy way to do it once you get established. The problem with that is you're still 'working.' How much you earn is tied to how much you work. Until you get enough of a reputation to charge big prices, you have little control over how much you can leverage your time to earn more.

    Doing online marketing stuff for local businesses is a good way if your goal is to have a relatively passive stream of income, because you can outsource most of the actual work and 'real' offline businesses are usually willing to pay good money.
    Epic sales videos - guaranteed conversion boost, GUARANTEED return on investment!

    Premium SEO - want to be #1 post-Penguin?
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    Thank you for all your replies!

    Results of the poll:

    1-Affiliate Marketing
    2-Selling Information Products
    3-Offline Consulting/Authority Blog

    Thanks, i'll explore these options:-)
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    Affiliate marketing and adsense can be your best bet, and has the potential to be great passive incomes.
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    With adsense and affiliate marketing I make 1000 to 1500 per month so I think these are the two best way to make money online.
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    Yawn. I only make money the hard way, obviously.

    I vote that the forum bans the use of the word easy. Anyone who posts asking for an "easy" way is doomed to failure from the start.

    Instead of starting a poll, you should start reviewing your mindset.
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    I think the fastest and easiest way to go on making 1000 and 2000 a month is by video marketing. Choose either products on CB marketplace or promote CPA offers. You will find traffic coming into your offers very soon and conversions as well. Reviewing products and offering bonuses is also a good alternative, plus you can build a list at the same time.
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    Affiliate marketing, selling high ticket products is the fastest. 2 sales a month at $1000 commish.
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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    1k-2k with affiliate marketing is gettable, but usually, most people give up before earning a penny. If you do not give up, you are bound to succeed.
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    Hi Desmond
    You need to be creating your own information products and building a subscriber list.
    Focus fully on this and you won't go wrong.


    Free Advanced Online Business Training
    >> JamesHughesOnline.com

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    Hi, the easiest way is to create a membership site, people will pay you each month.
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    I do Both Affiliate Marketing & MLM, && I am already making that much consistently a month due to the fact the MLM I use has a residual income comp plan! && its still growing as we speak. So within a few months I'll be making more month then I ever did. && Its just based off Blogging.
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    You can earn a ton more than that doing just the following...

    Build a sales funnel (or use one already built) with a low price but still very good quality, high instant commission paying front end product that is proven. Also have an awesome and proven residual income building back end product. This way you'll start getting cash flowing in daily while also building long term residuals. Remember, these two offers should be already proven tested high converters. It's very important also is that these products continually are in demand by having an ongoing high perceived value (still of course normal up and down fluctuations are fine). You have to clearly understand that not all products, even really good ones meet this criteria because they lose their buzz pretty quickly (i.e. the newest SEO product for example).

    Step 1: Drive traffic to a page that collects an email before introducing the prospect to your front end product. That way you are also building a list that you can use forever.

    Step 2: After they optin, take them immediately to the front end offer and if they do not purchase, take them to an optin to see the residual backend offer immediately upon exit.

    Step 3: Have a long autoresponder series in place to market both the front end high commission offeer and back end residual commission offer. There are a certain number who will buy just from being exposed to this autoresponder series.

    Clicking on my signature below will provide you an example of this type of funnel.

    Now Just Drive Traffic!

    Once you have this funnel in place, really all you have to do is focus on one just thing, driving traffic to your optin page. There are so many many ways to do this. Just purchase any quality traffic course to learn some of them. There are a number of good ones right here on the Warrior forum. Here's a good one (not my affiliate link). http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...traffic.html#1

    And that's it! Dо thіѕ аnd you'll earn bоth instant high commissions аѕ wеll аѕ а growing residual income. Cаn уоu bеlіеvе it? Juѕt frоm learning tо drive traffic. Evеrуthіng еlѕе іѕ аlrеаdу tаkеn care of. Thе funnel іѕ built аnd іѕ proven tо convert ѕо уоu don't hаvе tо mess wіth creating ad copy оr constantly creating nеw sales funnels. Yоu don't еvеn nееd tо find nеw products tо sell, аlthоugh уоu саn аnd ѕhоuld tаkе advantage of doing this оnсе уоu build уоur list from this method. This will expand your income further. You see, internet marketing doesn't hаvе tо bе complicated іf уоu do not choose a complicated route or try to do too many things. Yоu саn easily bесоmе а ѕіx figure earner through thіѕ method іf уоu јuѕt gеt strong аt оnе thing ... driving traffic. Then just be consistent each day and do it!
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    in terms of regular income list building is very hard to beat

    there is a lot to learn but its something that you should try to learn as soon as you can if your serious about building a list and a good income

    its all about the list ;-)

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    Definitely affiliate marketing if your time is limited -
    and if you're a student dedicated to your studies
    then time is limited.

    It's not terribly difficult to build a portfolio of
    10-15 products that generate $100-300 per
    month. And if you hit on one good product you
    could reach the entire goal.

    Further, if you're new to Internet marketing
    then you want to focus on mastering marketing
    and selling - not customer support and product
    creation. Learn to find groups of buyers and
    how to sell to them - these are high-value skills
    that will pay you now and throughout your life.

    If I were giving advice to one of my kids it'd be
    this -

    1. Develop skills that will be valuable now and
    in the future (if people were doing it 50 years
    ago it's valuable - if they weren't they won't
    be doing it 10 years from now).

    2. Think leverage - leverage what already
    exists - don't try to be the guru - don't try
    to re-invent the wheel. Take the shortest
    path, and build on what others have already
    created for you.

    All the best to you - X
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    I find affiliate marketing to work extremely well and I would also have this at the top of my money making list.
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    You need to condition your mind to think that making money online is easy. The people who tell you making money online is hard are making it hard for themselves. If your subconscious thinks it easy then it will become easy for you to make money online. Focus on your mind-state and get it believing that it is easy and possible to make any amount of money online you want.
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