Domainname worth something guys?

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Hey guys,

I've got a soccer related domain name with 165.000 exact searches a month, and
823.000 wide.

The domain name is:

I tried purchasing the .com version once and it's owned by a domain name service and they were asking $22k.

What do you guys think it's worth, the .net version?

Kind regards,
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  • Nothing.

    Domains in themselves are pretty much worthless, as a general rule. What matters is the type of business built on that domain: what it sells, what its profit margins are, etc.

    What is someone searching for 'transfer rumours' looking to buy?
    Epic sales videos - guaranteed conversion boost, GUARANTEED return on investment!

    Premium SEO - want to be #1 post-Penguin?
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    I personally don't like the .net, and I wouldn't build a site with that domain, because I think you could find better options

    So you could try to sell it, or if you really like that niche, well, you could build it
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    The potential buyers will worry about someone else buying the .com which would seriously damage their business if they had bought the .net from you.

    Animoto pro HD videos starting at $2.50!
    Contact me for any video work.

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    So you guys think it isn't worth much, ok

    Think I'm gonna build a website on it, already have a dutch version of it ( = transfer rumours in dutch)
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    I like your dutch version.

    But is that a buying keyword? Sounds like a gossip niche. Value will be in the ad traffic, which you'll have to develop and grow.

    Guys love to talk sports.
    Gals love to talk celebs.

    It's all talksoup stuff. But anything that's getting traffic can be monetized.

    If it interests you, then talk it up. A crowd will gather for sure.

    Good luck to you!
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