Business Integrity V.S Guru Integrity ? Which Do YOU Believe In?

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Hey everyone, we haven't made a video in a while! It seems like so long ago that we actually pulled out the camera to shoot a quick vid. the point of this video was for one remind everyone to never lose their integrity. As we continue to build our business on the internet, we always run into so many things.

It seems like there is a new product "launch" every other week from some of the TOP GURUS.

That's when it hit us...are they trying to help us or continue to sell us the latest and greatest thing? Seriously think about this stuff. I know we can't be in this alone....

Choose your mentors wisely....(hint hint...if they NEVER give out their phone number, or do NOT respond to email's or you have to BE PART OF A SELECT GROUP OF PEOPLE to even TALK to them) kinda shows what there all about...

Don't ya think? ;-)

Enjoy the video!
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    I'm choosing a mentor/guru depend on after sales support. Some guru their support is very poor..

    I do prefer business person who integrity toward their business and give us the best support when needed.
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    yea I agree man
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    Hi Omar:

    Great post and hopefully you are looking forward to the 2009 Yankee season.

    I always find it surprising that people will gladly take money but can't find the time to answer an email. I take it as an honor that somebody would contact me for information about a topic. When my first book came out Take Me To A Circus Tent (Jefferson Airplane Flight Manual) receiving emails from 14 countries blew we away.

    To this day no matter how simplistic or repetitive the question is I make sure that the person gets a reply.

    I hope those that seek a mentor in any business will want their to be a real man or woman behind the product and not be behind a wall once the sale is completed.

    Have a great Friday!

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    I agree with you so much Craig...

    How hard is it to answer a simple email right?

    I am glad you enjoy it.
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    • Great post, you're so right on.

      I think it all comes down to this. If you'll answer an email from another "guru" or whatever but not from a regular person who is struggling to learn something that's just plain wrong.

      I do understand that when you become pretty well known and successful you're obviously getting more and more emails, phone calls and messages that you have to respond to but I think the response time should be the same no matter who you are.

      Don't just put the "little guys" off to the side because they're not successful enough for you yet.

      Remember, to be nice to the people you meet while you're going up because chances are you'll meet the same people going down
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    I heard the same quote yesterday from someone!


    I love that..I have never thought about it like that before.

    Thanks so much
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    lol @ the idea of "guru"
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    I think I'd look at the personal character of the Person as this will directly affect how he/she operates their business as well.
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