How to Search Effectively on WF?

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The problem

It seems to me that many have issues finding precisely what they need when searching answer to their question - due to the lack of knowledge, or perhaps because of laziness... I'm not sure which one is right.

So instead of using the search button they rather launched a new thread, asking the same that others have answered a hundred times before.

This situation can cause threefold problems: first they must wait until getting a right response among the many, secondly it multiplies the number of threads unnecessarily, thirdly they could annoy other members with this.

These reasons have led me to start this thread to help people get the best possible result out of their searching.

Simple Search

As the name I chosen suggests, this is that kind of search that the great majority of members use. You don't do anything but press the 'Search' button available in the menu bar at the top of the page. Simple, quick, a child can use it. Of course there are some drawbacks.

To mention only one, it searches entire threads for your search term. Let's say you want to understand article marketing better and your search term will be 'Unique Article'. By pressing the button you get about 286 results because so many threads dealing with this.

And if you do your search in posts then you get 461 results so far.


Only now, your job is to read through them until you find the part is interesting to you. And there is a chance that one thread only once mentions your search term, but you will know this only when you view the thread over.

Do you have spirit to do that? Do you have enough time for that? You know. But, unless you wish to look at that 286 threads in whole, you want to use a better search option. And it is there.

Complex Search

How does it work? You press the 'Advanced Search' button underneath where you type your search term. Here the possibilities open to you. You've arrived at a page which may seem cluttered at first glance, but no panic, it is self-explanatory and straight forward.

Staying with our former example, we type our keyword 'Unique Article' and searching that by Title and on the main forum, we get only 84 results. And you can handle that volume more easily, can't you?

To enhance the enjoyment, you'll be able to specify a minimal number of replies, specify a date variation, select to show outcomes as a thread, or as posts, or even you can select the order the outcomes appear in.

It's also possible to do your search if you type in the user name (author name), click 'thread' or 'post' and click search. But please, be sure to uncheck the 'exact name' box if you don't know the precise name of the fellow member. If you let that box clicked then you may not get results, as I experienced.

Let's say you want to know what Alexa Smith says about the unique article, you can type in her name, and can choose between thread or post. Performing the search by thread you get 2 threads as a result.

So, using the Advanced Search is not difficult at all, and with it you can multiply your productivity.

Of course, if the content and title of every threads would be relevant to each other, the title search would be even more efficient. As you can experience, in this respect there are still gaps. So happens that you can not see every thread in the search results.


In my opinion, you can not learn search methods without actually doing any search. I recently played with these options and I found that a very useful exercise. The search function of WF is a great help, I suggest you use it. Thus the problems mentioned in the introduction would be more less.

When I do research for one of my projects I do outline a brief plan: a) topic I want to look at; b) why need addressing it; c) criteria I'll use in research; d) questions the research will answer; e) sources I will use.

All the best,

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