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Hey, everyone!

It has been awhile since, I have posted a new thread.... Anyways!! I was wondering how many of you run a 'Personal blog'.

I have bought my domain a few months back, putting it on the back burner and adding content to it when I have time. The blog isn't up yet, I want to have a good amount of content first, before I start sending traffic to it.

I am just curious to see how many of you run a personal blog and your experiences! In my mind I have a pretty interesting life that I could share with people.
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    Personal as in talking about yourself? I do own a blog but it's not personally about me.
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    Personal blogs are great for keeping in touch with family and friends, but they won't do much for you financially. But if you just like to share your life experiences, then by all means..
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    I have a personal blog but it's about marketing strategies. I doubt if anyone really wants to spend time on a blog reading about another persons life, unless it's an established person with an already established brand.
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    Most of us ran personal blogs and I think the only thing you can offer on your personal blog is adsense.....

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    I run a blog. It's about my personal IM journey, but not personally about me.....if that makes sense ?
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    I like all the reply's.....

    So check it out.... My take was a bit of a scramble on my blog. I was going to share some life adventures. ( Witch I think people would find interesting/funny/positive etc.... )

    I am also into my fitness, playing my acoustic guitar ( soon to put covers and originals on You-Tube ). I am also in the works to save up enough money to move to Maui, Hawaii. I could write about my journey to getting there also....

    I guess what you can say, I have lots to offer but dont want to make it seem to much.

    EDIT: Also for your marketing blog do you find using better or something like better?! thanx
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    ok lets get 1 thing straight here

    a personal blog does not always mean you talk about yourself all day long lol

    i have an internet marketing blog but i still call this my personal blog

    just because you own a blog you don`t have to look at it as an actual diary where you keep a note of everything which is going on in your business and your life

    after all, when people come to your blog there is one thing going through there mind

    "whats in it for me?"

    talking about what you ate for dinner, your birthday plans, and what the weather is like in your back garden will just not cut it :-)

    having a personal IM blog has been an important part of my business over the last few years

    its great for branding and getting your name out there so to speak and not to mention you can build a very profitable business from your blog alone, you just have to do things in the right way and not just do reviews of products of every single thing that comes out

    i have come across so many blogs that do this and it`s a massive turn off

    having your own IM or any type of blog within what ever niche your in will do you a lot of favours and it will certainly pay off further down the road

    i use my blog a lot to send my subs to and it works great

    if you really don`t like the idea of creating your own personal blog then thats cool but they are certainly effective and do work like a charm for pre selling

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    Thanx paul nicholls, that is exactly what I was looking for.... right on. ;]
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    A blog that you have bought personally does not necessarily mean that its a personal blog. Its the content that you put on it that makes a blog a blog. If you do write about internet marketing as Paul mentioned, this then may be a personally purchased blog, but not necessarily a personal blog.

    If its about business then that's not personal.
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    Not me. I don't get personal. This is strictly business!
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      Originally Posted by ceenote100 View Post

      Not me. I don't get personal. This is strictly business!
      I hear that! Thus the term "Nothing personal, just business"

      I believe that you have to make a choice with your blog. Do you really want it to be personal and share your interesting life story, or would you like to make $100,000 a year with it?

      Once you even put something like Adsense on it, then it becomes a business that you are able to write off.

      I'm not saying that you can't have a blog that's personally about you with no ads, I'm just saying that you cannot call it a personal blog anymore.
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    I would really recommend setting up a personal blog on Tumblr. Its super easy to update and keep throwing up content.

    Here is my tumblr site:

    (and I just started a new one to learn about real estate at NiceCasa)

    The great thing about tumblr is its speed and simplicity.

    Let us know if you end up launching a person blog. Would love to see it.


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    I run a successful blog but it isn't "personal". How do you plan on making money from this? My assumption is that you will try to do some social media marketing, but what kind of income do you expect to make from a non-targeted niche (and business) as this?
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    I do have a few blogs and one of it is a personal blog which sharing my life experiences and inspirational/motivational thoughts. I find that it is a great avenue to share...

    If you are interested, do feel free to drop by: Great Little Moments...

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