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Well I'm gonna keep this post short as possible.

I'm quite new with IM and I'm just starting out, still in the research process, basically I just need someone that is willing to guide me from time to time, just to clarify any questions that I have over time. I'm not asking anyone to take me by the hand and walk me and work instead of me, I'm just asking if there is a person on this forum that can spare some time (I'm not asking a lot of time just a few answers and that's it, until i get some other questions).

So is there a person that has any instant messaging program (msn, icq, yahoo messenger, Google talk, even email will do at this point) that will help me out?

One other reason why I'm asking it this way is because I just don't want to add some random person and then have that person get angry with me because I didn't ask them first before adding them.

If there are any persons willing to help me out please PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as i get back online.

Again, I'm not asking for a lot of your time. If you prefer more of a quid pro quo basis I'm confident we could arrange something out, I might have skills that you might need, who knows...

Thanks in advance,
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    What is IM? I have seen this in several post today.
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    IM - Internet marketing, but it differs with the context since it originally means Instant Messaging


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      Thanks I'm new to this site so I'm still learning all the acronyms.
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    huh there is a 30 day challenge, and i didn't see it? damn... I'll have to try that... )


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      What is 30 day challenge of which you speak?
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    Good luck in your ventures Godfather, although I wish I could help you out, I am really too busy to do so, I hope a member here will be able to do so.

    Look around this forum, and other IM related sites and forums, and learn the basics, such as the types of networks, affilaite programs, etc, as well as methods for promoting the offers. Then make a list of methods that you want to do, and most importantly of all TAKE ACTION!
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    Ed's Thirty Day Challenge course is the bomb. Also try Affiliate Classroom. Anik and Rachel H. do a nice job with their students. They all pretty much make money.

    Jim Lillig
    Owner -

    Download my book on how to win using CPA networks:

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    thanks for the link and for your support, God, i love this forum... people are just waiting to help out someone starting in the business and share the cake of the IM. I just love that about this forum.

    Nice work guys,
    May the blessings of Jupiter rain upon you all


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