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by carolm
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I've been getting a couple of comments claiming that my site is very/extremely slow to load and suggesting I contact my host.

They also very helpfully inform me that 'Google doesn't like slow sites.....not that I'm complaining or anything'. This exact phrase comes up quite often in comments from these people.

I've also been getting at least an equal number of people complementing me on how much faster my site is compared to others, and asking who my Host is.

I've done some testing and I'm faster than about 70-85% of all sites tested, depending on what I test, and which speed testing tools and sites I use.

Are these people's complaints genuine? Or are they a form of spamming, or trying to get me to change hosts?

Does anyone else gets comments like these?

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    Site load time can depend on a lot of things including the pc being used to access the site. So if the visitor has a problem with connection speed or a slow browser -lots of plugins and taskbars etc then the site might load slower for them than for others. The comments could easily be spam - especially if hey have just begun appearing recently, or your web host may be stretching their server capacity and if you are on a shared server that can cause a slow down. If I were in your position I would log into my site from a few different PC's - a couple of internet cafes, maybe the library - and that will give you a feel.
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    I suggest you to have all parts of your site tested. If the result shows good, then you don't have to worry their comments because they may be spam or just like you said, wanted you to change your host. But, if the result shows bad, it is better that you contact your host.
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    Thanks people for your suggestions. I use Hostgator and I've tested loading times a couple of times from libraries. It's loaded ok for me except one computer in one library, but that one was slow for all sites I tried - not just mine.

    I didn't worry about them until last weekend when I asked a friend to visit my site on a phone from inside a pub in Sydney. It took him quite a while (he was definitely sober ) which is what made me wonder if these complaints were real.

    What I did find out today is that it makes a difference where the computer is located compared with where the host is located. Hostgator is situated in Texas and loading time from Texas was a lot faster than loading time in Amsterdam, and New York loading time was somewhere between the two.

    I assume that using a phone inside a pub in Sydney is why it loaded slowly last weekend.

    I'm not going to worry about it unless people continue to complain. Then I will contact my Host but I don't think they are the problem.

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      The best way to analyze the issue would be to ask those people experiencing slowness problems to run a tracert to your site.

      This shows the route each person takes to get to the server hosting your site, different ISP's will take different routes to your site, and the tracert will show the response time of each "hop" - if you find one that is taking a long time to respond, then that's where the problem will be.

      If you are into geeky stuff, it's also pretty interesting to see which countries and carriers the packets have to go to before reaching the server.

      Your point about the geographic location of the person trying to access the site is also correct, a client living in close proximity to the datacenter would likely go from ISP > Local Carrier > Datacenter, whereas if I were in the UK and accessed the same site, it would take slightly longer for me to get there (we are talking milliseconds) as the route I'd take would likely be ISP > London Carrier > US Carrier > Local Carrier > Datacenter. That's a very simplified way of explaining it, but you get the idea!

      So in summary, if you ask the people complaining about slowness to run this command:


      (traceroute on Linux)

      And ask them to send you the results, you can then submit those to your host and ask them to take a look. Providing them with this data will get you a much better response than just asking "My site is slow, why is this?".

      If of course the tracerts come back fine, then it would indicate a problem with your website, or the server hosting the site. (A tracert is only good for identifying network slowdowns)

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        Hi Dan, I assume you aren't the great bass player!

        I did ask each of these complainers what device they were using - not a very demanding request, but none of them bothered to reply at all. Which made me more likely to assume they were spammers. If not spammers, then they had moved on and were lost as visitors anyway.

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          It might be that your site is slow at particular times.
          For example, another site on your box might get spikes of traffic at particular times, for example the weekends, but be quiet the rest of the time which could affect the performance of your site.
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    You can use this site to test things. If you listed your url we could all tell you what the results are from different locations. - The Global Broadband Speed Test
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    if you have done your own tests and on different sites, then stick to your host if you were ok with the results. your site might be loading slow to some of your visitors because they have slow internet connection.
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    Check you site at
    You can select viewer location and browser. The rest depends on the viewer's situation.

    Results are given in seconds download time for initial and 2nd (new page) downloads and are graded on various factors along with a breakdown on percentage of which effects what.

    Best thing is that clicking on various grades given brings up bunches of ideas for improving situation. Most of the time just optimizing images gets us acceptable without having to resort to cache or other techniques.

    Good luck!
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      Originally Posted by carolm View Post

      They also very helpfully inform me that 'Google doesn't like slow sites.....not that I'm complaining or anything'. This exact phrase comes up quite often in comments from these people..
      The giveaway.

      Originally Posted by ravi kumar12 View Post

      looks like spam, with the kind of details you have mentioned
      Ravi got it in one. They are just spam comments. Delete them all.
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    Try the WP Super Cache plugin.
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    Do you have a link to your site?

    Also, tracing the route and pining your site does not tell you anything as that traffic has low priority. There are many things to factor in here as far as performance goes.

    If you're using an "unlimited everything" web host, I guarantee you it's overloaded servers & mySQL.
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