Robin Hood and men In Green Tights

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Hi Warriors

My name is Bernard and I am based in Nottingham UK ... the home of Robin Hood the guy who wore green tights

I run my own Internet Marketing Business working with local companies ... doing well as it goes

That said I am a new member to this forum and come here with 4 objectives

1) To learn - Some of you guys know a lot of stuff and have my full respect

2) To add value - I want to share what I know with you for what it is worth

3) To be open - I promise no BS, to be honest and open about my failings and my successes.

4) Grow my business - Using what I learn as a warrior I intend to massively grow my business

I look forward to getting to know you all

Play nice

#green #hood #men #robin #tights
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    Hi Bernard, welcome to the forum.
    A good start to getting some of the knowledge from this forum is to use the SEARCH box on the toolbar at the top and put in keywords. This will bring up a lot of threads on different marketing experiences, you will probably read all day and night!

    Good luck.

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    Hi and Welcome... Sure... you find here lot of good tips and great people who likes to help you. But be warned.... for you know it... you spend hours on the forum Like I Do and forget to do business....

    big hugs
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