IM During a Depression?

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Okay, let's face facts. Things are not going so well for a lot of Americans, nor for a lot of Europeans, Australians, or Southeast Asians for that matter.

Basically there's too much debt, and not enough jobs to go around.

Okay, there are plenty of jobs in the third world paying a tenth or less of what "first world" nations are paying. We also have a lot of "really necessary" wars to pay for. That's big business for the banks and the companies that make tanks, guns and predator drones; but doesn't really add up to a lot of money for us "little" entrepreneurs grabbing up all that discretionary income.

So it's like a global economic crisis as the news says, or a recession, or a depression, or "downturn." But the politicians say they have a plan; we're going to come roaring back really soon. Just as long as the Democrats or the Republicans stop it from happening.

Well, I have to ask is it really that bad?

Are we fiddling while Rome burns, or rearranging deck chairs in the Titanic? Are the politicians and bubble-heads on TV right, and there's a recovery just around the corner?

Should we start hoarding food, survival equipment, and ammunition? I'm sure a lot of sites selling "prepper" items would say we should

Well, economics is sort of a hobby of mine, I'm kind of a nerd in that way.

But I don't think we should start planning for the next boom times, but we also shouldn't expect some kind of Mad Max type of dystopian future, fighting off mutant zombie cannibals left and right, as it were.

We have a hobby of getting riled up, we love hysteria, and we have lots of bug-eyed commentators out there telling us the end is near. I just don't think it's going to be that bad.

The bankers, the corporations, the governments, and the media propaganda machines require the existence of an Internet; it's not going away anytime soon. There is a massive global infrastructure and there are going to be billions of people needed to run it.

All those people are still going to have acne problems, keep getting pregnant, and needing to deal with relationship problems. They're going to have to be entertained, get their emails, and pay their bills. They're going to need car insurance to get back and forth to work.

Basically, they are still going to have a life. If we don't sell them the things they need, want, or think they want, then someone else will!

The banks need us as much as we think we need them The end is not near.

So, truthfully I don't think the Internet or Internet Marketing is going to go away anytime soon. In fact its renaissance is yet to come!
  • The fact is there is enormous amounts of opportunity out there. I hear a lot of people moan, and complain, and say that you can't do this and you can't do that. Personally I can't help but see possibilities everywhere. Every problem out there has a solution within it, and that solution = possibilities.

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      When the inevitable does happen.... and it will.... people will begin to believe anything they read.
      I have a feeling a lot of unscrupulous marketers will sell a dream, make a fortune and leave customers high and dry.
      People will become desperate and anyone with a solution stands to make a fortune.
      Let's just hope the profiteer will help and not ripoff their customers.
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        When the inevitable does happen.... and it will....
        Now that is question of mindset. If your all doom and gloom then the inevitable would be the complete annihilation of the planet.

        On the other hand maybe you are one of those people who believes that technology will make the world a better place and we will find inexpensive ways to generate clean energy, better ways to grow food, and make medical breakthroughs that enhance everyones quality of life.

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    People would still buy stuff, just follow the money and create the best products you can sell to satisfy the demand.
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      Not to be a germ as I enjoy these kinds of's just that this probably belongs in the "off-topic" forum.

      Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts on this myself and even wrote down my latest reflection that touches upon the issues you've brought up. I'm always down for a intellectual conversation.
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    • Originally Posted by JayParker View Post

      People would still buy stuff, just follow the money and create the best products you can sell to satisfy the demand.
      If the river you are in dries up, then find another stream and find a place you can jump into the cool, cool water of profit.
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        If your idea is unique and your animal stands out from the herd, the state of the economy is incidental. Everyone WANTS to make money, and there will always be buyers for stand out opportunities/products.
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    I'm not necessarily trying to be intellectual, but I do want to say that economic bad news doesn't mean the end of the world for IM'ers.
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    The world ain't gonna end and the boom times arn't gonna hit any time soon either.

    The world is going through a stage of growth and with growth comes change and with change comes struggle.

    If you look at the world the changes that are happening on the planet right now are unheard of. There is mass change happening in everything and everywhere; economics, politics, health, technology, rights, science, global policy... the list goes on.

    It is not really a question of economics. Of jobs or of money.

    There will always be a way to make ends meet. Why? because someone will always need something and if you can provide that something then it means you can charge some money for that something.

    Being an Internet entrepreneur has some benefits, people come to the net for information, for content. In times of change, people always want information more than anything.

    The next few years are going to be very interesting.

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  • Right now Nasa is outsourcing their space program. If you have a spaceship, there isn't much competition, and the pay is really good....

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      Originally Posted by Resale Rights Ninja View Post

      Right now Nasa is outsourcing their space program. If you have a spaceship, there isn't much competition, and the pay is really good....
      Awesome! I'm puttin together a WSO!

      ...I can see it now... "Astronomical Profit System! You Too Can Shoot for the Moon!"

      I just added this sig so I can refer to it in my posts...

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  • “A heart well prepared for adversity in bad times hopes, and in good times fears for a change in fortune.”
    Horace - Ancient Roman Poet. 65 BC-8 BC

    “Certainly there are good and bad times, but our mood changes more often than our fortune”
    Jules Renard - French Writer, 1864-1910

    “Good times are when people make debts to pay in bad times”
    Robert Quinlin

    “In good times, people want to advertise; in bad times, they have to.”
    Bruce Barton - American Congressman, 1886-1967
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    In all honesty my thoughts are this is the right market to be in right now because there are so many people looking to supplement a low wage job or their unemployment benefits This may be one of their only options. I suspect when the economy is firing on all cylinders again there wont be as many buyers in the IM niche.
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    There are a lot of people in need right now, if you walk the streets in just about any large city you will see the effect the economy has on so many people.

    But that does not mean there is not opportunity in fact I think your correct in much of your post, if you consider the millions of Americans out of work right now, and the number of them that are or were employed at large corporations, they are all computer literate and they have computers at home, a lot of those people would love to find a way to consistently make money from home, but we all know how many duds there are out there.

    If someone created a product that truly produces solutions for many of these people that in itself would be a significant market.

    I too believe that we are facing some very challenging times, but unlike the first depression there are computers and there are many opportunities that were not even a glimmer in the past incarnation of what we face now.

    There will always be opportunity for those that look and are motivate to find them.
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