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Here's what I want to do. Get a wordpress blog and concentrate on a niche(which hasn't been decided yet) and promote clickbank and Amazon and maybe a few more affiliate links. I know im is brutally tough, I've been trying off and on for 15 years, however I think it is possible to make money. Does anyone have any suggestions I'm definitely listening. Thank you
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    You are hitting it the wrong way. Yeah make a wordpress blog, concentrate on a niche promote EITHER OF THEM. But the point is the keyword to your niche must be a long tail keyword. That way you will rank for the keyword if your dorminate it.
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    I wouldn't go with the long tail keyword. I wouldn't focus on anything like that. Don't worry about SEO... yet.

    First think: why would people want to come to your blog? There are literally millions of other blogs out there. Are you really a great writer? Is your content absolutely amazing? Is it thorough, knowledgeable, and literally so good that people will want to come back and visit every week to see if you've posted anything new?

    If your answer is yes, move forward.

    If your answer is no, you might consider a different take on IM. There are MANY types of business ventures.

    The blog owners that get BIG are just "another blogger". You have to be something truly special.

    And on another note, don't just turn your blog into an affiliate link database. People will see what you're trying to do and leave.
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    i would say pick one method and focus on it, like razor sharp focused. And make it your passion. For instance, I love writing so I decided to write a blog about my journey of making money online as a newbie. If it succeeds, I am going to take it to the next level and write a book/ebook about it.
    so really it all depends on what your passion is. If it's something YOU actually like, instead of looking for the next money making pie in the sky, then you will be better off. Furthermore, money= creating value. So find a way to create value.

    My 30 day journey into making money online as a newbie.check it here and be fascinated =)


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    I would suggest to find your niche and start building a list of email subscribers. Build it to the point of having 1,500 subscribers and create a relationship with them. Then offer quality products to them and you are going to make a solid income.
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    if you have the money save time and buy a aged domain from flippa that already has traffic and increase its traffic to make more money.
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