Someone downloaded my $47 product for FREE....

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I can see that someone has subscribed to my sales form in Aweber but there was no payment for the product they downloaded and there should have been I then went into this person's details in Aweber and could see the download link they used.
I put this link into my browser and was simply able to put my email address in and download the product. I am able to go into any of my customers details see their thank you page URL they downloaded from and then re-use the link without payment time and time again.
I remember the website company did say the payment page was secure but it isn't and it has taken this person to do this yesterday for me to find out that it is not secure, as i just took their word for it when the site was built!
I have contacted the website company but not holding my breath as they built site over 2 years ago. Can anyone tell me what solutions are on offer for this type of thing so links can't just be passed around and used without payment :confused:
I hope someone can help, abit gutted this has come up but I do know this type of thing can happen if your payment/thank you page is not secure.
Be really grateful for any advice of what I can do to make this secure or even a recommendation of someone that can sort this would also be great.
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